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Product Details: BW.EFP-OSR

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Type: Lamp
Family: Halogen
Brand: Osram
Volts: 12
Watts: 100
Amps: 8.33
Base Type:GZ6.35
Weight: 6 oz.
Description: 50 Hours, 3350 Degrees K, C-6 Filament, 1 3/4" MOL, 1 1/4" Working Distance
Primary Industry:Inspection, Microscope, Medical, Dental
Secondary Industry:Other
For Equipment:
Baty Gagemaster R14XL, 110F Surgery Jena, 150F Surgery Jena, 16H Dorsey Gage, 4.1 Quick Cam Video Dental Concepts, Accucam 3, Accucam III, AcuCam, AcuCam Dental Camera, AcuCam New Image, AGFA C66, Alpha Cam Durr Dental, Avant 400 OGP, Baty, Baty Gagemaster 14 Surface Bulb, Baty Gagemaster 20 Surface Bulb, Baty Gagemaster 29 Surface Bulb, Baty Gagemaster 30 Surface Bulb, Baty Gagemaster 350 Surface Bulb, Baty Gagemaster 50 Surface Bulb, Baty Gagemaster R14 Surface Lamp, Baty Gagemaster R400 Surface Lamp, Baty Gagemaster SM14 Surface Lamp, Baty Gagemaster SM20XL2 Surface Lamp, Baty Gagemaster SM350 Surface Bulb, Baty Gagemaster SM350 Surface Lamp, Baty Gagemaster SM50 Surface Bulb, Baty Gagemaster Surface Bulb (Some Models), Baty Surface Bulb (Some Models), Bridger 1000 VE126, C66 AGFA, Colposcope Surgery 110F Seiler, Colposcope Surgery 150F Seiler, Cygnascope Spectraview, Deltronic DH14 Surface Bulb, Deltronic DH214 Surface Bulb Older Models, Deltronic Optical Comparator DH214 Surface Bulb, DH14 Deltronic Surface Bulb, DH214 Deltronic Surface Bulb Older Models, Dorsey, Dorsey Gage 16H, Durr Dental Alpha Cam, Durr Dental Vista Cam, Dynascope (Not Vision Engineering), FOV Smart Scope OGP, Gagemaster, Gagemaster 14 Surface Bulb, Gagemaster 20 Surface Bulb, Gagemaster 29, Gagemaster 29 Surface Bulb, Gagemaster 30 Surface Bulb, Gagemaster 350 Surface Bulb, Gagemaster 50 Surface Bulb, Gagemaster R14XL, Gagemaster SM350 Surface Bulb, Gagemaster SM50 Surface Bulb, Gagemaster Surface Bulb (Some Models), HE400 Surface Illuminator Starrett Precision (Later Models) , HF750 Profile Illuminator Starrett Precision, Integra Medical Viper Cam, Integra Medical Vipercam, Intra View New Image, Intraview New Image, Jena Surgery 110F, Jena Surgery 150F, Kavo Optica, KS102 Panasonic, Leitz, Multi Cam New Image, Multicam New Image, New Image AcuCam, New Image Intra View, New Image Intraview, New Image Multi Cam, New Image Multicam, Nikon, NSK Optica Fiber Optic, NSK Opticure, OGP Avant 400, OGP FOV Smart Scope, OGP QC-DCC Video, Optica Fiber Optic NSK, Optica Kavo, Opticure NSK, Panasonic KS102, Prism Pro Den Tec, Pro Den Tec Prism, Prodentec Prism, Profile Illuminator HF750 Starrett Precision, QC-DCC Video OGP, Quick Cam 4.1 Video Dental Concepts, R14 Baty Gagemaster Surface Lamp, R14XL Baty Gagemaster, R14XL Gagemaster , S-2 Zeiss, S-21 Zeiss, S-22 Zeiss, S-3 Zeiss, S-T, S-T Industries, S2 Zeiss, S21 Zeiss, S22 Zeiss, S3 Zeiss, Scherr Tumico 20 Surface Illuminator, Scherr Tumico 3500 Surface Illuminator, Scherr Tumico 3600 Surface Illuminator, Scherr Tumico 4450 Surface Illuminator, Scherr Tumico 4500 Surface Illuminator, Scherr Tumico 4600 Surface, Seiler Colposcope Surgery 110F, Seiler Colposcope Surgery 150F, SM14 Baty Gagemaster Surface Lamp, SM20XL2 Baty Gagemaster Surface Lamp, SM350 Baty Gagemaster Surface Lamp, Spectraview Cygnascope, ST, ST Industries, Starrett Precision HB350 Surface Illuminator, Starrett Precision HE350 Surface Illuminator, Starrett Precision HE400 (Earlier Models), Starrett Precision HE400 Surface Illuminator (Later Models) , Starrett Precision HF750 Profile Illuminator, Starrett Precision HV350, Starrett Precision Sigma VF600 Surface Illuminator, Surface Illuminator HE400 Starrett Precision (Later Models) , Surgery 110F Jena, Surgery 150F Jena, VE126 1000 Bridger, Video Dental Concepts Quick Cam 4.1, Viper Cam Integra Medical, Vipercam Integra Medical, Vista Cam Durr Dental, Zeiss, Zeiss S-2, Zeiss S-21, Zeiss S-22, Zeiss S-3, Zeiss S2, Zeiss S21, Zeiss S22, Zeiss S3
Alternate Part #s:
025-5001 Kavo, 0255001 Kavo, 098-145 Leitz, 098145 Leitz, 1000271 Ushio, 142715 BLV, 16-320-00 Chapman-Huffman, 1632000 Chapman-Huffman, 247-064 Baty Gagemaster Surface Bulb (Some Models), 247064 Baty Gagemaster Surface Bulb (Some Models), 3020 Efos, 34018 Starrett Precision, 3800-79-9040 Zeiss, 3800-799040 Zeiss, 380079-9040, 3800799040 Zeiss, 46-000-401 Deltronic, 46000-401 Deltronic, 46000401 Deltronic, 48-7747-00 Scherr Tumico, 48774700 Scherr Tumico, 521-963 OGP, 521963 OGP, 54189 Osram, 5616 Efos, 600188 New Image, 640 30200 Caulk, 64030200 Caulk, 64627 Osram, 6834 Philips, 6834 Topcon, 81587 Nikon, A1-231, A1.231, A1/231, A1231, B00928-001 Cardinal, B00928001 Cardinal, BW.EFP-OSR, BW.EFPOSR, BWEFP-OSR, BWEFPOSR, EFPOSR, F007 Starrett, HLX64627, JCR12V-100W, JCR12V-100WG1, JCR12V100W, JCR12V100WG1, L7405 Gilway, LS-46, LS46, LT05030, LT05034, MXA25002 Nikon, QUA-190 Quala, QUA190 Quala, SI 64627 Seiler, SI64627 Seiler, THE-43, THE.43, THE/43, THE43, U025-410 NSK, U025410 NSK
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Product Details: BW.EFP-OSR