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Product Details: BW.64440

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Part#: BW.64440
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Type: Miniature Lamp
Family: Halogen
Brand: Osram
Volts: 12
Watts: 50
Amps: 4.17
Base Type:GY6.35
Weight: 4 oz.
Description: Clear, 2000 Hours, 910 Lumens, C-6 Filament, 3000 Degrees K, 1/2" Diameter (12mm),1 3/4" MOL (44mm), 1 3/16" LCL (30mm), Universal Burning Position
Notes: Effective 12-07-15 Osram/Sylvania changed the design of the filament. We no longer can supply the horizontal filament. This bulb now comes with a Vertical filament as shown.
Primary Industry:Microscope, Medical, Dental
Secondary Industry:
For Equipment:
160U Shimadzu, 3110 Forest, 360 Fossomatic, 4003340 Westar Medical, 8500 Proma, 9030 Forest, BH2MLSH Olympus , BHM Olympus, BHMLSH2 Olympus , BHT Olympus , BHTU Olympus , Castellini Monta, Castellini Solar, Castellini Vega, CHS Olympus , Engle Light, Engle Sequoia Light, Enlighten Proma, Forest 3110, Forest 9030, Fossomatic 360, H14 MicroVu Profile Bulb, Matrix MicroVu (With Or Without Edge Detector) Profile Bulb, Microview, MicroVu H14 Profile Bulb, MicroVu Matrix (With Or Without Edge Detector) Profile Bulb, MicroVu Vector (With Or Without Edge Detector) Profile Bulb, Monta Castellini, Nikon Optiphot, Olympus, Olympus BH2MLSH, Olympus BHM, Olympus BHMLSH2, Olympus BHT, Olympus BHTU, Olympus CHS, Olympus Microscope, Olympus PME, Olympus SZHILLD, Olympus VMILA2, Optiphot Nikon, PME Olympus, Proma 8500, Proma Enlighten, Sequoia Light Engle, Shimadzu, Shimadzu 160U, Shimadzu UV2501PC, Siemens Sirona Operatory, Sirona Operatory Siemens, Solar Castellini, SZHILLD Olympus , UV2501PC Shimadzu, Vector MicroVu (With Or Without Edge Detector) Profile Bulb, Vega Castellini, VMILA2 Olympus , WeStar Medical
Alternate Part #s:
0014-187 Forest, 0014187 Forest, 014-364 Engle Dental, 014364 Engle Dental, 062-65004-06 Shimadzu, 0626500406 Shimadzu, 1155 BLV, 116610 BLV, 13079 Philips, 13512 Philips, 3032 Efos, 4003-340 Westar Medical, 439 Electrix, 50T4-QCL, 50T4Q-CL, 50T4Q.CL, 50T4Q/CL, 50T4Q/CL12V UVS, 50T4QCL, 50T4QCL12VUVS, 58675 Osram, 640 30320 Caulk, 64030320 Caulk, 76516 Nikon, 76517 Nikon, 8C402 Olympus, AH070 Osram, BW.64440, BW64440, Electrix 439, JC12V-50W H20 Kondo, JC12V-50WH20 Kondo, JC12V50WH20 Kondo, L7389 Gilway, L7389A Gilway, LS-110, LS110
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Product Details: BW.64440