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Product Details: BW.BRL-EIKO

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Type: Lamp
Family: Halogen
Brand: Eiko
Volts: 12
Watts: 50
Amps: 4.17
Base Type:G6.35
Weight: 0.5 oz.
Description: Clear, 50 Hours, 1600 Lumens, 3300 Degrees K, C-BAR6 Filament, 44mm MOL, 11.5mm Diameter, 30mm LCL, 3.3mm X 1.6mm Filament, Base Down Or Horizontal Burn Position
Primary Industry:Medical, Microscope, Inspection
Secondary Industry:Other
For Equipment:
2000 Interzeag, 2001 Interzeag, 299 Hell Scanner, 502DS Macbeth Densitometer, 66 Nikon, 88 Dia Nikon, 88 Epi Nikon, 904 Macbeth Densitometer, Alphaphot KT Nikon , Alphaphot KT2 Nikon , BD, Becton Dickinson, Becton Dickinson QBCII 4452 Hematology Analyzer, Becton Dickinson QBCII 4477 Hematology Analyzer, Bescor, Bescor VL-L64U Slimcam, Bescor VLL64U, BH2 Olympus, BH2-M6SH Olympus, BH2-MLSH Olympus, BH2-ULSH 80 Olympus, BH2M6SH Olympus, BH2MLSH Olympus, BH2ULSH 80 Olympus, BHM-LSH-2 Olympus, BHM-LSH2 Olympus, BHMLSH2 Olympus, BX Series Olympus, BX2 Series Olympus, BX30 Olympus, BXFM Olympus, Cannon Ophthalmic Fundus Camera (All Models Except CR-5), Clay Adams QBC Blood Analyzer, Comparison Microscope Leitz, CP345 Hell Scanner, Diaphot Nikon, Epi-Fi QH Optiphot Nikon, Epitphot Nikon, Epivert Leitz, Hell 299 Scanner, Hell CP345 Scanner, Hitachi U-2001 Visible Lamp, Hitachi U2001 Visible Lamp, Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer, IMT-2 Olympus, IMT2 Series Olympus, INT2 Olympus, Interzeag 2000, Interzeag 2001, Interzeag Octopus, Jena, Jena Plastival, K83PTR Omano Series, KT Alphaphot Nikon, KT2 Alphaphot Nikon , Labophot Nikon , Lamp House 50 Leitz, Leitz, Leitz Comparison Microscope, Leitz Epivert, Leitz Lamp House 50, Leitz LH50, Leitz Ortholux 2, LH50 Leitz, M Epi Nikon , M Nikon, M22 Epi Nikon , Macbeth, Macbeth 502DS Densitometer, Macbeth 904 Densitometer, Macbeth RD915 Densitometer, Macbeth RD917 Densitometer, Macbeth TD929, Macbeth TD944, Main Illuminator SBP-2020 Topcon, Measurescope MM-11 (20W Epi & Dia) Nikon , Measurescope MM-22 EPI Illuminator Nikon, Measurescope MM40-2U Universal EPI Nikon, Measurescope Ring Light Nikon, Measurescope TM-20 DIA and EPI Nikon, Measurescope TM1 Nikon , Measurescope TM2 Epi Nikon , Measurescope UM-3 Base Nikon, Measurescope VM40 Diascope Base Nikon, Measurescope VM60 Diascopic Base Nikon, MM-11 Measurescope (20W Epi & Dia) Nikon, MM11 Measurescope (20W Epi & Dia) Nikon, NFC-50 Nikon, NFC-60 Nikon, Nikon, Nikon 66, Nikon 88 Dia, Nikon 88 Epi, Nikon Alphaphot KT, Nikon Alphaphot KT2, Nikon D6 QH, Nikon Diaphot, Nikon Epiphot, Nikon Epiphot 200, Nikon Epiphot 300, Nikon Labophot, Nikon M, Nikon M Epi, Nikon M22 Epi, Nikon Measurescope MM-11 (20W Epi & Dia), Nikon Measurescope MM-22 EPI Illuminator, Nikon Measurescope MM40-2U Universal EPI, Nikon Measurescope Ring Light, Nikon Measurescope TM-20 DIA and EPI, Nikon Measurescope TM1, Nikon Measurescope TM2 Epi, Nikon Measurescope UM-3 Base, Nikon Measurescope VM40 Diascopic Base, Nikon Measurescope VM60 Diascopic Base, Nikon NFC-50, Nikon NFC-60, Nikon Optiphot, Nikon Optiphot (Old 20W), Nikon Optiphot 150, Nikon Optiphot 66 Dia., Nikon Optiphot 66 EPI Illuminator, Nikon Optiphot 88 EPI and DIA, Nikon Optiphot 88 EPI Illuminator, Nikon Optiphot Epi-Fi QH, Nikon Optiphot M EPI Illuminator, Nikon Optiphot POL, Nikon Optistation 2, Nikon Optistation 2A, Nikon Optistation 3, Nikon Optistation 3A, Nikon Optistation Epi, Nikon Otophot, Nikon S-CB, Nikon SCB/D6 QH, Nikon SCBD6QH, Nikon SMZ-U Bright DIA Base, Nikon SMZ-U Dark DIA Base, Nikon SMZ10 Coaxial, Nikon SMZ10 Dia., Nikon SMZU Bright, Nikon SMZU Coaxial & Epi, Nikon SMZU Dark, Nikon TM20 Dia, Nikon TM20 Epi, Nikon TM20 Microscope, Nikon Toolmakers Microscope 20, Nikon UM3, Nikon Universal Epi, Nikon V10, Octopus Interzeag, Olympus, Olympus BH2, Olympus BH2-M6SH, Olympus BH2-MLSH, Olympus BH2-ULSH 80, Olympus BHM-LSH-2, Olympus BHM-LSH2, Olympus IMT-2, Olympus IMT2, Olympus PME-3, Olympus ULS20, Omano, Omano K83PTR Series, Optiphot (Old 20W) Nikon , Optiphot 150 Nikon, Optiphot 66 Dia. Nikon , Optiphot 88 EPI and DIA Nikon, Optiphot Epi-Fi QH Nikon, Optiphot Nikon, Optiphot POL Nikon, Optistation Epi Nikon, Ortholux 2 Leitz, Plastival Jena, Plastival Jena/Narva, PME-3 Olympus, QBC Blood Analyzer Clay Adams, QBCII Becton Dickinson Hematoloy Analyzer 4452, QBCII Becton Dickinson Hematoloy Analyzer 4477, RD915 Densitometer Macbeth, RD917 Densitometer Macbeth, Sargent Welsh Densitometer, SBP-2020 Main Illuminator Topcon, Scanner Lamp Hell, SCBD6QH Nikon , Siemens, Slimcam VL-L64U Bescor, Slimcam VLL64U Bescor, SMZ10 Coaxial Nikon , SMZ10 Dia. Nikon , SMZU Bright Nikon, SMZU Coaxial & Epi Nikon , SMZU Dark Nikon , Swift Swiftmaster II, Swiftmaster II Swift, SZH-ILLD Darkfield Base Olympus, TD929 Macbeth, TM1 Measurescope Nikon , TM2 Epi Measurescope Nikon , TM20 Dia Nikon, TM20 Epi Nikon , TM20 Nikon, Topcon Main Illuminator SBP-2020, TR944 Macbeth, U-2001 Hitachi Visible Lamp, U2001 Hitachi Visible Lamp, ULS20 Olympus, UM3 Nikon , Unitron, Universal Epi Nikon , V10 Nikon, Vision Engineering Workshop Ultra, Visual Field Analyzer Humphrey, VL-L64U Slimcam Bescor, VLL64U Slimcam Bescor
Alternate Part #s:
1000071 Ushio, 1400 BLV, 140010 BLV, 16049 Unitron, 20003004 Macbeth, 4227-602-000 Becton Dickinson, 42276020 Becton Dickinson, 4227602000 Becton Dickinson, 42422701 Becton Dickinson, 43123-46140 Topcon, 4312346140 Topcon, 500-182 Leitz, 500182 Leitz, 513667 Mitutoyo, 54249 Osram Sylvania, 545070 Woodlyn, 55926 Jena/Narva, 64610 Hell, 64610 Osram, 64610HLX, 683.79 Jena/Narva, 68379 Jena/Narva, 7027 Philips, 76516 Nikon, 76517 Nikon, 78671 Nikon, 8632-S Mueller Instruments, 8632S Mueller Instruments, 8C407 Olympus, A1-220, A1.220, A1/220, A1220, A9318 Omano, B00916-001 Cardinal, B00916001 Cardinal, BH33015-00 Canon, BH3301500 Canon, BRL, BRLEIKO, BRLOSR, BW.BRL-EIKO, BW.BRLEIKO, BWBRL-EIKO, BWBRLEIKO, HLX64610 Osram, JC120V-50W, JC120V50W, L15A26 Kowa, LT03014, M650 Wild, MA784 Swift, MCB20003004 Macbeth, RJY5012 Radium, XL36867 Excel Technologies
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Product Details: BW.BRL-EIKO