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Product Details: BW.64425

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Part#: BW.64425
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Type: Miniature Lamp
Family: Halogen
Brand: Osram
Volts: 12
Watts: 20
Amps: 1.67
Base Type:G4
Weight: 4 oz.
Description: 369 CP, 9mm Diameter, 33mm MOL, CC-8 Vertical (Axial Filament), 2000 Hours, 320 Lumens, 3000 Degrees Kelvin, UV Stop Quartz
Notes: The Older Version Of This Bulb Available From Osram/Sylvania prior to 2017 Had A Horizontal Filament. Bulbs Produced After 2017 Are Made With A Vertical (Axial) Filament. Related Products Listed Below Have Horizontal Filaments Matching The Original Pre 2017 Version From Osram/Sylvania.
Primary Industry:Medical, Microscope
Secondary Industry:Other
For Equipment:
003016000 Leisegang Colposcope, 1000 Ultraspec Amersham, 103 Gynetech Colposcope, 103 Leisegang, 1600 Cynmar, 200M LW Scientific, 260 Cynmar, 48100 WA Exam Light, 6200 Electrix Task, 700 Sunnex, 779 Sharplan CO2 Laser Leisegang, Amersham, Amersham Ultraspec 1000, Beckman DU65 Spectrophotometer (Visible), Bend-A-Lite, Bendalite, BME Scope Leica, C ME Leica, Cambridge Instruments, CM E Leica, CME Leica, Cooper 8603, Cooper Surgical , CSM2 Cynmar, CXL Wesco 2000-2007 (Serial #00xxxx Through 07xxxx Only), CXR 3 Labomed, CXR III Labomed, CXR3 Labomed, CXRIII Labomed, Cynmar, Cynmar 1600, Cynmar 260, Cynmar CSM2, Cynmar CZM4, Cynmar Lab-O-Med DigiZoom, CZM4 Cynmar, DigiZoom Lab-O-Med Cynmar, DU65 Beckman Spectrophotometer (Visible), Electrix Task 6200 , Fisher Scientific Micromaster, Giratt Exam Light, Gynetech 103 Colposcope, High Intensity Unit Sunnex , L.W. Scientific, Lab-O-Med DigiZoom Cynmar, Labomed CRX 3, Labomed CRX III, Labomed CRX3, Labomed CRXIII, Leica, Leica BME Scope, Leica C ME, Leica CM E, Leica CME, Leisegang, Leisegang 103, Leisegang Colposcope 003016000, Leisegang Shaplan 779 CO2 Laser, LW Scientific LW200M, LW200M LW Scientific, M5 Swift , M7000 Swift, M7000DB Swift , Medilux Seiler, Microlux III Seiler, Micromaster Fisher Scientific, National, National Microscope, Omano, Pharmacia, Pharmacia 80-2022-95, Pharmacia 80202295, Seiler Medilux, Seiler Microlux III, Sharpan 779 CO2 Laser Leisegang, SM90HF Swift Stand (Top), Southern Precision Microscope 1883, Spectrophotometer DU65 Beckman (Visible), Sunnex, Sunnex 700 Series, Sunnex High Intensity Unit, Surgical Light LS100, Swift, Swift M5 , Swift M7000, Swift M7000DB , Swift SM90HF Stand (Top), Ultraspec 100 Amersham, Welch Allyn, Welch Allyn 44100, Wesco, Wesco CXL 2000-2007 (Serial #00xxxx Through 07xxxx Only), Wild
Alternate Part #s:
021-00405 Cynmar, 02100405 Cynmar, 08100, 1153 BLV, 12345 Philips, 13396025 Leica, 13396030 Leica, 13496025 Leica, 1377 Electrix, 20T3Q.CL12V, 20T3Q/CL-12V, 20T3QCL12V, 20T3QCLOGPRF, 31-75-47 B&L (Some Models - Verify Voltage Required Before Ordering), 31-75-47 Cambridge Instruments (Some Models - Verify Voltage Required Before Ordering), 312086-112 Wesco, 312086112 Wesco, 313-443 Wild, 313443 Wild, 317547 B&L (Some Models - Verify Voltage Required Before Ordering), 317547 Cambridge Instruments (Some Models - Verify Voltage Required Before Ordering), 34715 GE, 56040 Tungsram, 58661 Osram Sylvania, 587.020 Seiler, 587020 Seiler, 80-2022-95 Pharmacia, 800-160 National, 800160 National, 80202295 Pharmacia, 8603 Cooper, A9314 Omano, AH030 Osram, BW.64425, BW64425, JC12V-20W Ushio, JC12V20W Ushio, JCD12V-20W-H20 Kondo, JCD12V20WH20 Kondo, L7404 Gilway, M35, M47 Thorne, MA781 Swift, WA08100
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Product Details: BW.64425