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Product Details: BW.XBO75W.2

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Part#: BW.XBO75W.2
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Type: Lamp
Family: Xenon
Brand: Osram
Volts: 14
Watts: 75
Amps: 5.36
Base Type:Double Ended
Weight: 5 oz.
Description: 400 Hours, 1000 Lumens, 90mm MOL, 10mm Diameter
Primary Industry:Other, Microscope, Medical
Secondary Industry:
For Equipment:
215 Fossomatic, AX Series Olympus, AX70TRF Olympus, Axio Imager A1, Axio Imager A1 m, Axio Imager D1, Axio Imager D1 for epi-fluorescence with ApoTome, Axio Imager D1 m, Axio Imager M1, Axio Imager M1 m, Axio Imager Z1, Axio Imager Z1 (Configuration for connection of the LSM 5 LIVE confocal laser scanning module), Axio Imager Z1 (Configuration for connection of the LSM 5 Pascal confocal laser scanning module), Axio Imager Z1 (Configuration for connection of the LSM 510 confocal laser scanner module), Axio Imager Z1 for epi-fluorescence with Apo Tome, Axio Imager Z1 m, Axio Observer A1, Axio Observer D1, Axio Observer Z1, Axiophot 2 Zeiss, Axiophot Zeiss, Axioplan 2 Imaging E Zeiss, Axioplan 2 Imaging for epi-fluorescence with “Apo Tome”, Axioplan 2 Imaging MAT, Axioplan 2 Imaging Zeiss, Axioplan Zeiss, Axioskop 2 FS MOT, Axioskop 2 FS MOT (Configuration for connection for the LSM 5 LIVE confocal laser scanning module), Axioskop 2 FS MOT (Configuration for connection for the LSM 5 Pascal confocal laser scanning module), Axioskop 2 FS MOT (Configuration for connection for the LSM 510 confocal laser scanning module), Axioskop 2 FS Plus, Axioskop 2 MAT, Axioskop 2 MAT mot, Axioskop 2 MOT Plus, Axioskop 2 Plus, Axioskop 40 A Pol, Axioskop 40 FL, Axioskop 40 Pol, Axioskop Zeiss, Axiotron 2 Zeiss, Axiotron Zeiss, Axiovert 100/135/135M/TV Zeiss, Axiovert 200, Axiovert 200 M, Axiovert 200 M MAT, BH-RFL Olympus, BH2 Series Olympus, BH2-RFL Olympus, Fossomatic 215, Hammamatsu Spectrophotometer L2194-01, HMX Lamphouse XE75 Nikon, IMT2 Series Olympus, IX Series Olympus, IX-RFA Olympus, Leitz, Leitz LH100Z, Leitz LH102Z, LH100Z Leitz, LH102Z Leitz, MDA Scanner, Meiji MT6000 Series (Equipped with Epi-Fluorescence Lamphouses), Meiji TC5000 Series (Equipped with Epi-Fluorescence Lamphouses), Nikon, Nikon Epiphot 200, Nikon Epiphot 300, Nikon Epiphot TME 75W Xenon, Nikon HMX Lamphouse XE75, Nikon L150, Nikon L150A, Nikon ME600D 75W Xenon, Nikon ME600L 75W Xenon, Nikon ME600P 75W Xenon, Nikon Measurescope MM40 75W Xenon HMX Illuminator, Nikon Measurescope MM60 75W Xenon HMX Illuminator, Nikon Optiphot 150 75W Xenon, Nikon Optiphot 200 75W Xenon, Nikon Optiphot 200C 75W Xenon, Nikon Optiphot 300 75W Xenon, Reichert, Standard 16 Zeiss, Standard 20 Zeiss, Standard 25 Zeiss, Zeiss Axiophot, Zeiss Axiophot 2, Zeiss Axioplan, Zeiss Axioplan 2, Zeiss Axioskop, Zeiss Axiotron, Zeiss Axiotron 2, Zeiss Axiovert 100/135/135M/TV, Zeiss Standard 16, Zeiss Standard 20, Zeiss Standard 25
Alternate Part #s:
38-16-02 Zeiss, 3800-39-8740D Zeiss, 3800-39-87D Zeiss, 3800-53-9870 Zeiss, 3800-79-9190 Zeiss, 3800398740D Zeiss, 38003987D Zeiss, 3800539870 Zeiss, 380079190 Zeiss, 3800799190 Zeiss, 381602 Zeiss, 381620 Zeiss, 500-139 Leitz, 500139 Leitz, 69231 Osram, 75682 Nikon, 78682 Nikon, 8B198 Olympus, 91-01-42 Zeiss, 910-142 Zeiss, 910142 Zeiss, 9108-81-2013 Zeiss, 9108812013 Zeiss, BA013 Meiji, BW.XBO75W.2, BW.XBO75W2, BWXBO75W.2, BWXBO75W2, CSX75W/2OF Philips, CSX75W2OF Philips, H60043 Reichert, L2194-01 Hammamatsu, L219401 Hammamatsu, MXK23408 Nikon, XBO75W/2 Osram, XBO75W2, XBO75W2 Osram, XL39947 Excel Technologies
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Product Details: BW.XBO75W.2