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Product Details: BW.UXR300BU

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Part#: BW.UXR300BU

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Type: Lamp
Family: Xenon
Brand: Ushio
Volts: 14
Watts: 300
Amps: 21.43
Base Type:
Weight: 4 oz.
Description: 5 Holes, 20 Amps, 6150 Degrees K, Ignition Voltage - 20, Rising Time Less than 100, Effective Luminous Flux 5000, Half Angle Less Than 5 Degrees
Notes: Delisted Lamp. No Longer Available. Replaced By UXR300BF. BU is a Pulsed Type but can be used in a Continuous Mode.
Primary Industry:Microscope, Medical
Secondary Industry:Other
For Equipment:
01-30-40 Applied Fiberoptics , 013040 Applied Fiberoptics , 1300 Luxtec, 1600 Luxtec , 300 Nextec, 300 Storz , 300 Superlux Zeiss , 300 Wecklite Weck , 3000 Video Lamp System Cabot Medical, 300W Xenon 3D Scope , 300W Xenon BEI/Xylog , 300W Xenon Endo Image , 300W Xenon Mist , 300W Xenon Origin Medical , 300W Xenon Pilling , 300W Xenon Wolfe, 300XE Dyo-Bright Dyonics (Smith & Nephew) , 35AX Acubeam Tagarno , 3D Scope 300W Xenon, 487C Storz , 5131 Wolfe, 610 Storz , 6100XE Medical Dynamics, 611 Storz , 630 Storz , 630XF Karl Storz, 630XF Storz, 8170 Linvatec 300W Xenon, 9000 Luxtec , 9300 Luxtec , ACMI ALV-1, Acubeam 35AX Tagarno, Acufex FRX300 Xenon, Acufex Ultra Lite, ALV-1 Circon/ACMI, ALV1 Circon/ACMI, Applied Fiberoptics 01-30-40, Applied Fiberoptics Brite Lite 3, Applied Fiberoptics Brite Lite III, Baxter V. Mueller GS9205, Baxter V. Mueller OPSIS VS5500 (Manual), Baxter V. Mueller OPSIS VS5600, BEI/Xylog 300W Xenon, Birtcher/Solos ELS2, Brite Lite 3 Applied Fiberoptics , Brite Lite III Applied Fiberoptics , Cabot Medical System 3000 Video Lamp, Circon/ACMI ALV-1, CLS Olympus , CLV-A Olympus , CLV10 Olympus , CLV20 Olympus, CLVA Olympus, CLVF10 Olympus , CLVS20D Olympus, CLVSB0 Olympus , CLVU20 Olympus, CLVU20D Olympus, CLVU40 Olympus , Cooper Surgical Endomed LSS-700, CVI Olympus , Dyo-Bright 300XE Dyonics (Smith & Nephew) , Dyonics (Smith & Nephew) Dyo-Bright 300XE, ELS2 Birtcher/Solos , EMP3000 Pentax , Endo Image 300W Xenon, Endolap F0160000, Endolap S605-25, Endomed LSS-700 Cooper Surgical , Endomedics S1500, EPX-302 Fuji , EPX301A Fuji , EPX302 FPO (Fujinon) , EPX302 Fuji , F0160000 Endolap , FLX-2000 Fuji , FLX-300 Fuji , FLX-300A Fuji , FLX2000 Fuji , FLX300 Fuji , FLX300A Fuji , FLXDS 300 Fuji , FLXDS 600 Fuji , FPO (Fujinon) EPX302, FRX-2000 Fuji , FRX2000 Fuji , FRX300 Xenon Acufex , Fuji EPX301A, Fuji FLX-2000, Fuji FLX-300, Fuji FLX-300A, Fuji FLXDS 300, Fuji FLXDS 600, Fujinon EPX302, GS9205 Baxter V. Mueller , ILC, ILV Olympus , ILX Olympus , Karl Storz 630XF, L/S 300W Xenon Snowden-Pencer , Leisegang LMS-3000 Illuminator , Linvatec 8170 300W Xenon, LMS-3000 Illuminator Leisegang , LMS3000 Illuminator Leisegang , LS 300W Xenon Snowden-Pencer , LS-3-S Mitsubishi , LS-3-X Mitsubishi , LS300X Mitsubishi , LS3S Mitsubishi , LS3X Mitsubishi , LSS-700 Endomed Cooper Surgical , LSS700 Endomed Cooper Surgical , Luxtec 1300, Luxtec 1600, Luxtec 9000, Luxtec 9300, LX150X Mitsubishi , Medical Dynamics 6100XE, Mist 300W Xenon, Mitsubishi LS-3-S, Mitsubishi LS-3-X, Mitsubishi LS300X, Mitsubishi LX150X, Nextec 300, OLX4 Video Processor Pentax , Olympus CLS, Olympus CLV-A, Olympus CLV10, Olympus CLVF10, Olympus CLVSB0, Olympus CLVU20, Olympus CLVU40, Olympus CVI, Olympus ILV, Olympus PN Y1052, Olympus PN Y1064, OPSIS VS5500 Baxter V. Mueller (Manual), OPSIS VS5600 Baxter V. Mueller , Origin Medical 300W Xenon, Pentax EMP3000, Pentax Video Processor OLX4, Piling Weck, Pilling 300W Xenon, PN Y1052 Olympus , PN Y1064 Olympus , PNY1052 Olympus , PNY1064 Olympus , S1500 Endomedics , S605-25 Endolap , S60525 Endolap, Smith & Nephew Dyo-Bright 300XE, Snowden-Pencer Xenon L/S 300W, Storz 300, Storz 487C, Storz 610, Storz 611, Storz 630, Storz 630XF, Superlux 300 Zeiss , System 3000 Video Lamp Cabot Medical , Tagarno 35AX Acubeam, Ultra Lite Acufex , Vanguard XR-300-350, Vanguard XR35, Vanguard XRM-4, Video Dynamics XLC-300, Video Processor OLX4 Pentax , Weck Wecklite 300, Wecklite 300 Weck , Wolfe, Wolfe 300W Xenon, Wolfe 5131, Xenon L/S 300W Snowden-Pencer , XLC-300 Video Dynamics , XLC300 Video Dynamics , XR-300-350 Vanguard , XR300350 Vanguard , XR35 Vanguard , XRM-4 Vanguard , XRM4 Vanguard , Y1064, Y1064S, Zeiss Superlux 300
Alternate Part #s:
5000381 Ushio, 8310054, BW.UXR300BU, BWUXR300BU, CLV-S20D Olympus, CLV-U20 Olympus, CLVS20D Olympus, CLVU20 Olympus, CX2300WF-5, CX2300WF5, UXR-300BU, UXR300CU, XBO300FP, Y1052, Y1052S, Y1064, Y1064S
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Product Details: BW.UXR300BU