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Product Details: BW.JCRM12V-75W

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Part#: BW.JCRM12V-75W
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Type: Lamp
Family: Halogen
Brand: Ushio
Volts: 12
Watts: 75
Amps: 6.25
Base Type:G5.3-4.8
Weight: 2 oz.
Description: 50 Hours, Mirrored Reflector, C-8 Filament, 37mm MOL, 26.5mm Working Distance, Base Down To Horizontal Burning Position
Primary Industry:Medical, Dental
Secondary Industry:
For Equipment:
250T Hilux First Medica , 100 Cromolux Megaphysik, 1000 Superdent Darby , 2001 Darby Superdent, 2001 Superdent Darby, 2500 Darby Superdent, 2500 Elipar ESPE, 2500 Superdent Darby, 300L Penn-Med, 300L Pennmed, 310 Gun Penn-Med, 310 Gun Pennmed, 310 Gun Springhealth Penn-Med, 3M 3000, 3M Unitek Ortholux, 3M Visilux 1, 3M Visilux 2, 3M Visilux 5520, 3M Visilux 5530, 3M Visilux 5560, 3M Visilux I, 3M Visilux II, 3M XL2500, 3M XLS-250, 3M XLS250, 3M XLS2500, 4000 Plus J Morita, 5520 Visilux 3M, 5530 3M Visilux, 5560 Visilux 3M, 650 Litex Dentamerica , 660 Litex Dentamerica, 680 Litex Curing, 680 Litex Dentamerica, 680A Litex Dentamerica , 682 Litex Dentamerica , 75 Coltene Whaledent, 8500 Maxlite Seiko, Almore OP II, Almore OP11, Almore OP2, Almore OPII, Apollo CP Lares, Aristocrat 1 Gun Healthco, Aristocrat I Gun Healthco, Astral Litema , Avante GT332 Jeneric Pentron (Newer), Bisco, Bisco VIP, Bisco VIP Jr., Celebrity Healthco, Coe Lunar, Coe-Lite Lunar, Coelite Lunar, Colene/Whaledent Coltolux IV, Coltene Whaledent, Coltene/Whaledent 75, Coltene/Whaledent Coltolux 2, Coltene/Whaledent Coltolux 3, Coltene/Whaledent Coltolux 4, Coltene/Whaledent Coltolux 75, Coltene/Whaledent Coltolux II, Coltene/Whaledent Coltolux III, Coltolux 2 Coltene/Whaledent, Coltolux 3 Coltene/Whaledent, Coltolux 4 Coltene Whaledent, Coltolux II Coltene/Whaledent, Coltolux III Coltene/Whaledent, Coltolux IV Coltene/Whaledent, Compolite 660 Motloid, Cromalux 100 Mega Physik, CU100 Jovident , CU80 Jovident , Darby Superdent 1000, Darby Superdent 2001, Darby Superdent 2500, Darby Superdent 8001, Degulux Degussa, Degulux Softstart Degussa , Degusa Degulux, Degussa Degulux Softstart, Demetron Optilux 101, Demetron Optilux 400, Demetron Optilux 401, Demetron Optilux 403, Demetron VCL 100, Demetron VCL 200, Demetron VCL 300, Dentamerica Litex 650, Dentamerica Litex 660, Dentamerica Litex 680, Dentamerica Litex 680A, Dentamerica Litex 682, Dentcure Surecure I, Dentsply QHL-75, Dentsply QHL75, Destilux Dexter , DeTrey Prismetics Light, Dexter Destilux, DLX Heliolux Vivadent, Economy CU80 Schein, Eggert Lux Q Lux, Elipar 2500 ESPE, ESPE Elipar 2500, ESPE XLS-2500, ESPE XLS2500, First Medica Hilux 200, First Medica Hilux 250, First Medica Hilux 250T, First Medica Hilux 300, First Medica Hilux 350, GT Heliolux Vivadent, GT332 Avante Jeneric Pentron (Newer), Healthco Aristocrat 1 Gun, Healthco Aristocrat I Gun, Heathco Celebrity, Heliolux DLX Vivadent, Heliolux GT Vivadent, Henry Schein, Henry Schein VCL200 Economy, Hilux 200 First Medica, Hilux 250 First Medica, Hilux 250T First Medica , Hilux 300 First Medica, Hilux 350 First Medica, Jeneric Pentron Avante GT332 (Newer), Jetlite 4000 Plus J Morita, Jovident CU100, Jovident CU80, Kavo Polylux 2, Kavo Polylux II, Lares Apollo CP, Lasac Tech LTI-5000, Lasac Tech LTI5000, Litema Astral, Litex 650 Dentamerica , Litex 660 Dentamerica, Litex 680 Dentamerica, Litex 680A Dentamerica , Litex 682 Dentamerica , Litex Curing 680, LS-28, LS-28-U, LTI-5000 Lasac Tech, LTI5000 Lasac Tech, Lunar Coe-Lite, Lunar Coelite, Lux Q Lux Eggert , Maxlite 8500 Seiko , Mega Physik Cromalux 100, Megadental Megalux, Megalux Megadental, Morita Jetlite 4000 Plus, Motloid Compolite 660, Nou-Lite, Nou-Lite Nouvag AG , Noulite, Nouvag AG Nou-Lite, O'Ryan Industries 750, O'Ryan Omega 750, Omega 750 Oryan Industries, Omega 750 O’Ryan Industries, OP11 Almore, OP2 Almore, OPII Almore, Optilux 101 Demetron, Optilux 400 Demetron, Optilux 401 Demetron, Optilux 403 Demetron, Ortholux 3M Unitek, Ortholux Unitek, Ortholux XT Unitek, Oryan Industries 750, Oryan Omega 750, Patterson Dental VCL300, Penn-Med 300L Gun, Penn-Med 310 Gun, Penn-Med Powerlite 75, Penn-Med Springhealth Powerlite 75, Pennmed 300L Gun, Pennmed 310 Gun, Pentron Avante GT332, Phasealloy Witelite Gun, Polylux 2 Kavo , Polylux II Kavo , Powerlite 100 Penn-Med, Powerlite 100 Springhealth Penn-Med, Powerlite 75 Springhealth Penn-Med, Prismetics Light DeTrey, Pro Den Systems ProScope 2000, Pro Den Systems ProScope 4000, Proden Systems ProScope 2000, Proden Systems ProScope 4000, Prolofix Lux Voco , ProScope 2000 Pro Den Systems, ProScope 4000 Pro Den Systems, Proscope Dental Oral Video Camera, QHL-75 Dentsply, QHL75 Dentsply, Schein, Schein Economy, Schein Economy CU80, Schein VCL200, Seiko Maxlite 8500, Softstart Degulux Degussa, Springhealth Penn-Med Powerlite 100 Gun, Springhealth Penn-Med Powerlite 310 Gun, Springhealth Penn-Med Powerlite 75 Gun, Springhealth Powerlite 100, Superdent 1000 Darby , Superdent 2001 Darby, Superdent 2500 Darby, Superdent 8001 Darby, Surecure I Dentcure , Unitek 3M XT, Unitek Ortholux, Unitek Ortholux XT, Unitek XT, VCL 100 Demetron, VCL 200 Demetron, VCL 300 Demetron, VCL100 Demetron, VCL200 Demetron, VCL200 Economy Henry Schein, VCL300 Demetron, VCL300 Patterson Dental, VIP Bisco, VIP Jr. Bisco, Visilux 1 3M, Visilux 2 3M, Visilux 5520 3M, Visilux 5530 3M, Visilux 5560 3M, Visilux I 3M, Visilux II 3M, Vivadent Heliolux DLX, Vivadent Heliolux GT, Voco Prolofix Lux, Wite Lite 1500, Wite Lite Gun, Witelite 1500 Wykle Research, Witelite Gun Phasealloy, Wykle Research Witelite 1500, XL2500 3M, XL3000 3M, XLS-250 3M , XLS-2500 ESPE , XLS250 3M , XLS2500 3M , XLS2500 ESPE
Alternate Part #s:
0851121 Patterson Dental, 1000929 Ushio, 101-0045 Schein, 1010045 Schein, 10276 Lares, 13865 Philips, 16-420-00 Chapman-Huffman, 1642000 Chapman-Huffman, 20140 Demetron, 20437 Demetron, 2352-3301 Degussa, 23523301 Degussa, 24-970302 J Morita, 24970302 J Morita, 301315 Penn-Med, 3016 Efos, 3050 Phasealloy, 3052 Wykle Research, 3442 Almore, 54124 Osram, 640 30160 Caulk, 64030160 Caulk, 644657 Dentsply, 64617 Lasac Tech, 64617 Mega Physik, 64617 Motloid, 64617 Osram, 64617 PennMed, 64617 ProDen, 64617HLX Osram, 668 Dentamerica, 750-Bulb O'Ryan Industries, 750-Bulb Oryan Industries, 750/Bulb O'Ryan Industries, 750/Bulb Oryan Industries, 7512 Vivadent, 78-8045-4571-9 3M, 78804545719 3M, 8693 DCI, 950-302 First Medica, 950-9023 Darby, 950302 First Medica, 9509023 Darby, BU75 Penn-Med, BU75 Springhealth Penn-Med, BW.JCRM12V-75W, BW.JCRM12V75W, BWJCRM12V-75W, BWJCRM12V75W, C7925 Coltene/Whaledent, C7999 Coltene/Whaledent, HCOB400491 Heathco, HLX64617, JCRM0076, JCRM12V-75WHO Ushio, JCRM12V75W, JCRM12V75WHO, LS28, LS28U, M44BA Jeneric Pentron, QUA-175 Quala, QUA175 Quala, V10105A Bisco
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Product Details: BW.JCRM12V-75W