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Product Details: BW.JC6V-30W

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Part#: BW.JC6V-30W
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Type: Miniature Lamp
Family: Halogen
Brand: Ushio
Volts: 6
Watts: 30
Amps: 5
Base Type:G4
Weight: 3 oz.
Description: Clear, 50 Hours, 800 Lumens, C-6 Filament, 26.5mm (1.04") MOL, 9mm Diameter, 19.5mm LCL
Primary Industry:Medical, Microscope, Inspection
Secondary Industry:Other, General
For Equipment:
1490 Vanguard, 400 Eclipse Nikon, 400 Nikon Eclipse, 50i Eclipse i-Series Nikon, B & L, B&L, BA300 Series Motic, Bausch & Lomb, BX Original Series Olympus, BX2 Series Olympus, BX40 Olympus, BX40F3 Olympus , BX41 Olympus, BX43 Olympus (If Halogen), BX43F Olympus (If Halogen), BX45 Olympus, CH Series Olympus, CH40 Olympus, CK Series Olympus, CK2 Series Olympus, CK30 Olympus, CK40 Olympus, CKX31SF Olympus, CS1 Slit Lamp Nikon, CX Series Olympus, CX2 Series Olympus, CX31 Olympus, CX40 Olympus, CX41 Olympus, DFV Microscope, E400 Eclipse Nikon, E400 Nikon, E400 Nikon Eclipse, E400POL Nikon , Eclipse 400 Nikon, Eclipse E400 Nikon, Eclipse i Series 50i Nikon, Endothelial Camera Nikon, GX41 Olympus, IM7100 Meiji , IM7200 Meiji , IX Series Olympus, IX2 Series Olympus, IX50 (with ILL30 pillar), IX51 (with ILL30 pillar), JC6V30WG4, Labomed LX400, Labomed TCM 400, Labomed TCM400, Labophot 2 Nikon , Labophot 2A Nikon, Labophot II Nikon, LX400 Labomed , Meiji, Meiji IM7100 , Meiji IM7200, Meiji ML2000, Meiji ML2000 Series 30W Models, Meiji ML5000 Series 30W Models, Meiji ML7000, Meiji ML8000, Meiji ML9000, Meiji MT 30W Models, Meiji MT Series 30W Models, Meiji RZDT Stands, Meiji RZT Stands, Meiji VT Series , ML2000 Meiji , ML2000 Series 30W Models Meiji , ML5000 Series 30W Models Meiji , ML7000 Meiji , ML8000 Meiji , ML9000 Meiji , Motic, Motic BA300 Series, MT 30W Models Meiji , MT Series 30W Models Meiji , Nikon, Nikon 50i Eclipse i-Series, Nikon E400, Nikon E400POL, Nikon Eclipse 400, Nikon Eclipse E400, Nikon Endothelial Camera, Nikon Labophot 2, Nikon Labophot 2A, Nikon Labophot II, Nikon Slit Lamp CS-1, Nikon SMZ 1000 BD Stand, Nikon SMZ 1000 DIA Stand, Nikon SMZ 1000 OCC Stand, Nikon SMZ 1500 BD Stand, Nikon SMZ 1500 DIA Stand, Nikon SMZ 1500 OCC Stand, Nikon SMZ 645 BD Stand, Nikon SMZ 645 DIA Stand, Nikon SMZ 645 OCC Stand, Nikon SMZ 660 BD Stand, Nikon SMZ 660 DIA Stand, Nikon SMZ 660 OCC Stand, Nikon SMZ 800 BD Stand, Nikon SMZ 800 DIA Stand, Nikon SMZ 800 OCC Stand, Nikon SMZ-U DIA Base, Nikon TS100, Nikon TS100-F, Olympus, Olympus BX40F-3, Olympus BX43, Olympus BX43F, Olympus U-LS30 (BX40), Olympus U-LS30 (iX-ILL30), Primo Star, Primo Star Zeiss, Primo-Star Zeiss, Primostar Zeiss, Slit Lamp CS-1 Nikon, SMZ 1000 BD Stand Nikon , SMZ 1000 DIA Stand Nikon , SMZ 1000 OCC Stand Nikon , SMZ 1500 BD Stand Nikon , SMZ 1500 DIA Stand Nikon , SMZ 1500 OCC Stand Nikon , SMZ 645 BD Stand Nikon , SMZ 645 DIA Stand Nikon , SMZ 645 OCC Stand Nikon , SMZ 660 BD Stand Nikon , SMZ 660 DIA Stand Nikon , SMZ 660 OCC Stand Nikon , SMZ 800 BD Stand Nikon , SMZ 800 DIA Stand Nikon , SMZ 800 OCC Stand Nikon , SMZ-U DIA Base Nikon, SMZU DIA Base Nikon, SZX Series Olympus, TCM 400 Labomed, TCM400 Labomed, TS100 Nikon, TS100-F Nikon, U-LS30 (BX40) Olympus, U-LS30 (iX-ILL30) Olympus, ULS30 (BX40) Olympus , ULS30 (iX-ILL30) Olympus, Vanguard, Vanguard 1490, Zeiss Primostar
Alternate Part #s:
1000867 Ushio, 1101002400452 Motic, 1400-30WHL-P Vanguard, 140030WHL-P Vanguard, 140030WHLP Vanguard, 415500-1901-000, 4155001901000, 655 American Optical, 655 AO, 78021 Nikon, 83411 Nikon, 83412 Nikon, 83413 Nikon, 84206 Nikon, 84246 Nikon, 8C410 Olympus, BW.JC6V-30W, BW.JC6V30W, BWJC6V-30W, BWJC6V30W, EL-455 Labomed , EL455 Labomed , JC0031, JC6V-30W/G4, JC6V30W, MA326 Meiji, XL45246 Excel Technologies
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Product Details: BW.JC6V-30W