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Product Details: BW.JA12V-55WD

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Part#: BW.JA12V-55WD
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Type: Lamp
Family: Halogen
Brand: Can Vary
Volts: 12
Watts: 55
Amps: 4.58
Shape:T3 1/4
Base Type:PK22s
Weight: 2 oz.
Description: Clear, 100mm Wire Lead, Flat Terminal, H3, 150 Hours, 1450 Lumens, 42mm MOL, 11.5mm Diameter
Primary Industry:Dental, Other
Secondary Industry:
For Equipment:
12336 Philips, 1300 Summit Dental Systems, 1300-SDS, 1300SDS, 9020 Forest, A-Dec Performer, Adec Performer, AL-701M Belmont D-Lux , AL-702M Belmont D-Lux , AL-705M Belmont D-Lux , AL701M Belmont D-Lux, AL702M Belmont D-Lux , AL705M Belmont D-Lux , AL711M Eco Sys Light Belmont, Ampco Contender, Aristocrat Light Healthco, Aristocrat OTP, Atlante Dabi Focus L, Beaverstate Dental Celux, Belmont BLC, Belmont BLPW, Belmont BLT, Belmont BLU, Belmont BLW, Belmont D-Lux AL-701M, Belmont D-Lux AL-702M, Belmont D-Lux AL-705M, Belmont Eco Sys Light AL711M, Belmont Lamp, Belmont Operatory, Belmont X-Calibur, BLC Belmont , BLPW Belmont , BLT Belmont , BLU Belmont , BLW Belmont , California Celux Danserau, Celebrity Healthco, Celux Beaverstate Dental, Celux Operatory Dentamerica, Chayes Light, Chayes Virginia, Chayes Virginia Light, Contender Ampco, Dabi Atlante America, Dabi Atlante America Focus L, Dabi Atlante Focus L, Danserau California Celux, Danserau Fiad The Light, Danserau Health Products, Dentamerica Celux Operatory, Eco Sys Light Belmont, Excalibur MDT, Fantastic SDS, Fantastic Summit Dental Systems, Fiad Light, Fiad The Light, Flex Inegral Masterlight, Flex Integral Multilux, Focus L Dabi Atlante, Forest 9020, Healthco Aristocrat Light, Healthco Celebrity, Light Fiad, Masterlight Flex Integral, MDT Excalibur, Multilux Flex Integral, OTP Aristocrat , Performer Adec, Quetin White Light, SDS Fantastic, SDS-1300 , SDS1300 , Siemens Sirolux, Sirolux Siemens, Summit Dental Systems Fantastic, The Light Fiad, X-Calibur Belmont
Alternate Part #s:
0014-081 Forest, 0014081 Forest, 01007 Eiko, 041-513-00 Adec, 04151300 Adec, 1000789 Ushio, 12336 Philips, 16-040-00 Chapman-Huffman, 1604000 Chapman-Huffman, 4071 Efos, 640 40710 Caulk, 64040710 Caulk, 64151 Osram, 7-040-0019 SDS, 7-040-0019 Summit Dental Systems, 70400019 SDS, 70400019 Summit Dental Systems, 800-01006 Belmont, 80001006 Belmont, 8688 DCI, BW.JA12V-55WD, BW.JA12V55WD, BWJA12V-55WD, BWJA12V55WD, CGCN65AO Belmont, H3, JA0055, JA12V-55WD (H3), JA12V55WD, JA12V55WD (H3), LMP601, LS-22, LS22, QUA-100 Quala, QUA100 Quala
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Product Details: BW.JA12V-55WD