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Product Details: BW.HBO50W.L2

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Part#: BW.HBO50W.L2
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Type: Lamp
Family: Mercury
Brand: Osram
Volts: 34-39
Watts: 50
Base Type:Double Ended
Weight: 10 oz.
Description: 100 Hours, 53mm MOL, 9.5mm Diameter, Anode SFa 6-2,Burning Position 45 Degrees, Cathode SFa 6-2, Operating Voltage Range 1.45, 230 CD Luminance Intensity, 30000 cd/cm2 Average Luminance
Notes: For Use in Leitz Lamp House 102Z. Select Correct Version Required - L1 or L2. For Use in Zeiss 100 Lamp House. Select Correct Version Required - L1 or L2.
Primary Industry:Medical, Microscope
Secondary Industry:
For Equipment:
100 Lamp House (Specify L1 or L2) Zeiss, 2070C American Optical, 2070C AO, 2070L American Optical, 2070L AO, 2071M American Optical, 2071M AO, 31-32-56 B&L, 31-32-56 Bausch & Lomb, 313256 Bausch & Lomb, American Optical, American Optical 2070C, American Optical 2070L, American Optical 2071M, American Optical V20, AO, AO 2070C, AO 2070L, AO 2071M, AO V20, Apophot Nikon, B & L, B&L 31-32-56, Bausch & Lomb 31-32-56, Bausch & Lomb 313256, H500 AFL 50 Hund, Hund H500 AFL 50, Jena Laboval 2AFL, Labophot Epi Fluorescence Nikon , Labophot (Specialty Type L1 or L2) Nikon, Lamp House 100Z (Specify L1 or L2) Leitz, Lamp House 102Z (Specify L1 or L2) Leitz, Leica, Leitz, Leitz, Leitz Lamp House 100Z (Specify L1 or L2), Leitz Lamp House 102Z (Specify L1 or L2), Leitz LH100Z, Leitz LH102Z, LH100Z Leitz, LH102Z Leitz, Nikon, Nikon Apophot, Nikon Epi Fluorescence Labophot , Nikon Epi Fluorescence Optiphot , Nikon Labophot (Specialty Type L1 or L2), Nikon Optiphot, Optiphot Epi Fluorescence Nikon , Optiphot Nikon, Reichert, V20 American Optical, V20 AO, Zeiss, Zeiss 100 Lamp House (Specify L1 or L2), Zeiss 91-07-59 Power Supply
Alternate Part #s:
2055 American Optical, 2055 AO, 31-31-65 B&L, 313165 B&L, 38-16-19 Zeiss, 381619 Zeiss, 500-137 Leitz, 500137 Leitz, 682.501 Jena/Narva, 682.51 Jena/Narva, 682501 Jena/Narva, 68251 Jena/Narva, 69214 Osram, 78554 Nikon, 78564 Nikon, 9-00-09-14 Reichert, 9000914 Reichert, B00269-001 Cardinal, B00269001 Cardinal, BW.HBO50W.L2, BW.HBO50WL2, BWHBO50W.L2, BWHBO50WL2, CL70085 Carley, HBO50W/L2 Osram, HBO50WL2, HBO50WL2 Osram, HBQ 50W/AC/L2, HBQ50WACL2, S962902 Hund, W/L1 500-137 Leitz, WL1500137 Leitz
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Product Details: BW.HBO50W.L2