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Product Details: BW.GW114

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Part#: BW.GW114
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Type: Lamp
Family: Mercury
Brand: Can Vary
Watts: 1000
Base Type:R7s, Double Ended Recessed Single Contact
Weight: 8 oz.
Description: Clear, Emits UV, 500 Hours, 147mm MOL, 23mm Diameter
Primary Industry:Graphic Arts
Secondary Industry:
For Equipment:
Astro 1000 Goodkin, Astro 750 Goodkin, Exposure Lamp, FT26V NuArc, Goodkin Astro 1000, Goodkin Astro 750, NuArc, NuArc 26-1KSP, NuArc 261K, NuArc 261K-LC, NuArc 261KSP, NuArc 32-1K, NuArc 32-1KSP, NuArc 321K, NuArc 321KSP, NuArc 40-1K, NuArc 40-1KSP, NuArc 401K, NuArc 401KSP, NuArc FT18V-1, NuArc FT18V1, NuArc FT23VNS2, NuArc FT26V, NuArc FT26V-1, NuArc FT26V-2, NuArc FT26V1, NuArc FT26V2, NuArc FT26VNS-1, NuArc FT26VNS-2, NuArc FT26VNS1, NuArc FT26VNSLSP, NuArc FT26VNSSP, NuArc FT26VSP, NuArc N1000-1, NuArc N1000-2, NuArc N10001, NuArc N10002 , NuArc N1000SP, NuArc N750-1, NuArc N750-2, NuArc N7501, NuArc N7502, NuArc NCP22, NuArc NCP28, NuArc NP750, NuArc VIP18, NuArc VIP18-2, NuArc VIP26, NuArc VIP26-2, NuArc VIP26NS, NuArc VIP26NS-2, NuArc VIP26NS2, Platemaker Lamp
Alternate Part #s:
1000/1 Venture Lighting, 5000062 Ushio, 900608 Lamp Express, BT GW 114 Lamp Express, BT O 1068 Lamp Express, BTGW114 Lamp Express, BTO1068 Lamp Express, BW.GW114, BWGW114, GW 114 NuArc, GW114 NuArc, MHL-1000-1, MHL1000/1, MHL10001, MHL1001, PAGA1000/1 Venture Lighting, PAGA10001 Venture Lighting, SDL1001 Specialty Discharge Lighting, TH1060 Theimer, VE659 NuArc
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Product Details: BW.GW114