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Product Details: BW.FDV-OSR

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Type: Lamp
Family: Halogen
Brand: Osram
Volts: 24
Watts: 150
Amps: 6.25
Base Type:G6.35
Weight: 2 oz.
Description: Clear, 300 Hours, 4300 Lumens, 3050 Degrees K, C-6 Filament, 50mm MOL, 32mm LCL, 6mm X 3.2mm Filament
Primary Industry:Inspection, Graphic Arts
Secondary Industry:Other, Medical
For Equipment:
14" Benchtop OGP, 14" Retrofit Scherr Tumico, 16H Dorsey Gage (Profile Bulb), 16H Horizontal Dorsey Gage (Profile Bulb), 172-810 Mitutoyo PHA14, 172810 Mitutoyo PHA14, 20-2450 Profile Illuminator Scherr Tumico, 202450 Profile Illuminator Scherr Tumico, 2536 Profile Scherr Tumico, 471-027 Simmon Omega, 471-027 Simon Omega, 471027 Simmon Omega, 471027 Simon Omega, A3000 PJ Mitutoyo, Baty, Baty Gagemaster Profile Bulb (Some Models), Baty Gagemaster R600 On-Axis Bulb, Baty Gagemaster R600 Profile Lamp, Baty Gagemaster R770 On-Axis Bulb, Baty Gagemaster R770 Profile Lamp, Baty Gagemaster SM20 On-Axis Bulb, Baty Gagemaster SM20XL Profile Lamp, Baty Gagemaster SM24 Profile Lamp, Baty Profile Bulb (Some Models), Chromphare Martin/Berchtold, Deltronic DH14 Projection Bulb (Newer Models), Deltronic DH214 Projection Bulb (Newer Models), Deltronic DH216 Projection Bulb, Deltronic DV114 Projection Bulb, DH214 Deltronic Projection Bulb (Newer Models), DH216 Deltronic Projection Bulb, Dorsey, Dorsey Gage, Dorsey Gage 16H (Profile Bulb), Dorsey Gage 16H Horizontal (Profile Bulb), DV114 Deltronic Projection Bulb, Gagemaster, Gagemaster Profile Bulb (Some Models), HB400 Profile, Heine, Heine HK6000, HK6000 Heine, Martin Berchtold, Martin/Berchtold Chromphare, Medical Illumination System 1, Medical Illumination System One, Mitutoyo, Mitutoyo PH14LS, Mitutoyo PH350 (Newer Models) Surface Bulb, Mitutoyo PHA14 (172-810A), Mitutoyo PJ A3000 , Mitutoyo PJ-250-H , Mitutoyo PJ-250H , Mitutoyo PJ250-H , Mitutoyo PJ250H , Mitutoyo PV350 Surface Lamp, OGP (Some Models), OGP 14" Benchtop, PH14LS Mitutoyo, PH350 Mitutoyo (Newer Models) Surface Bulb, PHA14 Mitutoyo (172-810A), PJ A3000 Mitutoyo, PJ-250-H Mitutoyo , PJ-250H Mitutoyo , PJ250-H Mitutoyo , PJ250H Mitutoyo , Profile Illuminator 20-2450 Scherr Tumico, Profile Illuminator Scherr Tumico, PV350 Surface Lamp Mitutoyo, R600 Baty Gagemaster On-Axis Bulb, R600 Baty Gagemaster Profile Lamp, R770 Baty Gagemaster On ľAxis Bulb, R770 Baty Gagemaster Profile Lamp, S-T, S-T Industries, Scherr Tumico 14" Retrofit, Scherr Tumico 20-2450 Profile Illuminator, Scherr Tumico 20-3500 Profile Illuminator, Scherr Tumico 20-3600 Profile Illuminator, Scherr Tumico 20-4450 Profile Illuminator, Scherr Tumico 20-4500 Profile Illuminator, Scherr Tumico 20-4600 Profile Illuminator, Scherr Tumico 2536 Profile, Scherr Tumico 3500 Series, Scherr Tumico Profile Illuminator, Simmon Omega, Simmon Omega 471-027, Simmon Omega 471027, Simon Omega, Simon Omega 471-027, Simon Omega 471027, SM20 On-Axis Bulb, SM20XL Baty Gagemaster Profile Lamp, SM24 Baty Gagemaster Profile Lamp, ST, ST Industries, System 1 Medical Illumination , System One Medical Illumination , VGC, Visual Graphics Corporation
Alternate Part #s:
0003042 Medical Illumination, 1000505 Ushio, 172-952 Mitutoyo, 172952 Mitutoyo, 239780, 247-006 Baty Gagemaster Profile Lamp, 247006 Baty Gagemaster Profile Lamp, 427-573 OGP, 427573 OGP, 46000-402 Deltronic, 46000402 Deltronic, 471-027 Simon Omega, 471027 Simon Omega, 48-7271 Scherr Tumico, 48-7271-00 Scherr Tumico, 487271 Scherr Tumico, 48727100 Scherr Tumico, 512-305 Mitutoyo, 512305 Mitutoyo, 54264 Osram, 62-12205-003 VGC, 6212205003 VGC, 64642 Osram, 77421 Westinghouse, 906-24 Martin/Berchtold, 90624 Martin/Berchtold, BW.FDV-OSR, BW.FDVOSR, BWFDV-OSR, BWFDVOSR, C571 Martin Berchtold, CZ908-24 Martin Berchtold, CZ90824 Martin Berchtold, FDVOSR, HL19LL (Long Life) Starrett, HLX64642 Osram, JC24V-150W H3 Kondo, JC24V150WH3 Kondo, LS-78-LL, LS78-LL, LS78LL, LT03032, Y-96.15.102 Heine, Y.96.15.102 Heine, Y9615102 Heine
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Product Details: BW.FDV-OSR