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Product Details: BW.FDS.DZE-OSR

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Type: Lamp
Family: Halogen
Brand: Osram
Volts: 24
Watts: 150
Amps: 6.25
Base Type:GZ9.5
Weight: 2 oz.
Description: Clear, 100 Hours, 4500 Lumens, 3250 Degrees K, C-6 Filament, 2" MOL, 34.1mm LCL, 6mm X 3mm Filament
Primary Industry:Dental, Medical
Secondary Industry:Other
For Equipment:
2000 Faro, 2000 Sunlight Faro , 45 Koolbeam Faro, 70 Sunlight Faro (Upgraded), 9000 Forest, AMX-3 GE X-Ray, AMX3 GE X-Ray, Coolbeam Faro, Crusader Henry Schein, Crusader Schein, Daystar 590B Porter, Daystar S90B Porter, Dental-EZ Distinction, Dentalez Distinction, Dentech Operatory, Eureka, Eureka MC-150, Eureka MC150, Faro 2000, Faro FaroTrack, Faro Koolbeam, Faro Koolbeam 45, Faro S-70 (Upgraded), Faro S-90 Sunlight, Faro S2000, Faro S70 (Upgraded), Faro S90 Sunlight, Faro SC2000 Forma, Faro SC90 EDI, Faro SC90 Forma, Faro Sunlight 2000, Faro Sunlight 70 (Upgraded), Faro TSC 2000 Forma, Faro TSC 90 Forma, Faro Upgraded Sunlight 70, FaroTrack Faro, Fidesa Lineo, Fidesa Midway, Fidesa Scorpio, Forest 9000, GE AMX-3 X-Ray, GE AMX3 X-Ray, GE X-Ray, H6000 Technicon, Henry Schein, Henry Schein Crusader, Henry Schein Star Brite, Henry Schein Starbrite, K Model Knight, K Model Knight Manufacturing, K Starlight Ritter, Knight, Knight Light, Knight Manufacturing, Knight Manufacturing Model K, Knight Model K, Koolbeam 45 Faro , Koolbeam Faro, Lineo Fidesa, Lux Star Marus, LuxStar Marus , Marris Patient Light, Marus Lux Star, Marus LuxStar, Marus Max Star Orbit, Marus MaxStar Orbit, Marus Patient Light, Max Star Orbit Marus , MaxStar Orbit Marus , MC-150 Eureka, MC150 Eureka, Midmark Operatory Light, Midway Fidesa, Model K Knight, Model K Knight Manufacturing, Patient Light Marus, Porter Daystar S90B, Ritter K, Ritter K Starlight, Ritter K Super Startlite, Ritter Super Starlite K, Robin Dental UL1000, S-70 Faro (Upgraded), S-90 Sunlight Faro, S70 Faro (Upgraded), S90 Sunlight Faro, S90B Daystar Porter, S90B Porter Daystar, SC2000 Forma Faro, SC90 EDI Faro, SC90 Forma Faro, Schein, Schein Crusader, Schein Star Brite, Schein Starbrite, Scorpio Fidesa, Star Brite Schein, Starbrite Henry Schein, Starbrite Schein, Starlite K Ritter, Sunlight (Upgraded) 70 Faro, Sunlight 2000 Faro , Sunlight 70 Faro (Upgraded), Sunlight S-90 Faro, Sunlight S90 Faro, Super Startlite Ritter K , Technicon H6000, TSC 2000 Forma Faro, TSC 90 Forma Faro, UL1000 Robin Dental, Vacudent
Alternate Part #s:
01-11-132 Dentech, 0111132 Dentech, 014R-207 Marus, 014R207 Marus, 100-58-35 Henry Schein, 1000503 Ushio, 1005835 Henry Schein, 114041 Ritter (Operated Undervolted), 140316 BLV, 141160 Ritter, 148656 Knight, 16-025-00 Chapman-Huffman, 1602500 Chapman-Huffman, 195-B637-01 Technicon, 195B63701 Technicon, 250-010 Dentech, 250010 Dentech, 27554 Bulbworks, 316554, 4074 Efos, 41160 Ritter, 54055 Osram, 54277 Osram, 5722/1, 57221, 5974 Philips, 640 40740 Caulk, 64040740 Caulk, 64643 Osram, 8612680 Henry Schein, 8612680 Schein, 8687 DCI, BW.FDS.DZE-OSR , BW.FDSDZEOSR, BWFDS.DZE-OSR, BWFDSDZEOSR, DZE, DZE.FDS, DZE/FDS, DZEFDS, FDS, FDS/DZE, FDSDZE, FDSDZEOSR , JC24V-150WB, JC24V150WB, LMP607, LS-40, LS40, LT03058, QUA-110 Quala, QUA110 Quala
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Product Details: BW.FDS.DZE-OSR