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Product Details: BW.FCS-PHIL

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Type: Lamp
Family: Halogen
Brand: Philips
Volts: 24
Watts: 150
Amps: 6.25
Base Type:G6.35
Weight: 3 oz.
Description: Clear, 50 Hours, 6000 Lumens, 3400 Degrees K, C-6F Filament, 1.97" (50mm) MOL, .53" (13.5mm) Diameter, 1.18" (30mm) LCL, 5.8mm X 2.9mm Filament
Primary Industry:Medical, Dental, Microscope, Inspection
Secondary Industry:Other
For Equipment:
1231 DCI Ceiling Mount Light, 1232 DCI Track Mount Light, 1244 DCI Curved Post Light, 130 Ritter , 1350 Summit Dental Systems , 1515 Mitutoyo, 3515F Mitutoyo, 3801-797 Dentalez , 3801797 Dentalez , 400 System AB Dick, 410 System AB Dick, 420 System AB Dick, 430 System AB Dick, 502RP AB Dick, 6300 Adec, 6C2 Nikon, 880 AB Dick, A-5110 Proma, A-Dec 6300 (Older Model), A-Dec Cascade, A1-E1 Sirona Siemens, A5110 Proma, AB Dick 502RP, AB Dick 880, AB Dick System 400, AB Dick System 410, AB Dick System 420, AB Dick System 430, Adec 6300, Adec Cascade, Advantage Dentalez , ALM, ALM/Chick, AXCS Light Dentalez, B4843 Faro , Cascade Adec, Ceiling Mount Light 1231 DCI, Comparator 6C-2 Nikon, Curved Post Light 1244 DCI, D428 Ritter , D44 Ritter , DCI, DCI 1231 Ceiling Mount Light, DCI 1232 Track Mount Light, DCI 1244 Curved Post Light, Delight Plan Meca, Delight Planmeca, Delite Plan Meca, Delite Planmeca, Dentalez 3801-797, Dentalez 3801797, Dentalez Advantage, Dentalez AXCS Light, Dentalez Lumina, Dentalez Simplicity, Dentech Operatory, Dentech Ultima 2, Dentech Ultima II, DL2 Plack Viewer Jena, ELS-1 GS9200 Solos/Birtcher, Eurodent Isolight, Eurodent Isolite, Eurodent Light, Eurodent Ruinito, Faro B4843, Faro Sunlight 70 (Original), HB400 Profile Illuminator Starrett Precision, HC400 Profile Illuminator Starrett Precision, HD400 Profile Illuminator Starrett Precision, HE400 (Earlier Models) & Sigma VF600 Profile Illuminator Starrett Precision, HF750 Surface Illuminator Starrett Precision, Interlight Light Specialty Metalworks, Interlight LSM, Isolight Eurodent , Isolite Eurodent, J Morita Light, Jena DL2 Plack Viewer, Kavo Kavolux 1410, Kavo Kavolux KCLL800, Kavolux 1410 Kavo , Kavolux KCLL800 Kavo , Kay Cor Operating Light, Knight, Knight Manufacturing, Knight Manufacturing L, Knight Model L, Leitz, Leitz 501-109, Leitz PP500, Leitz Pradolux, Leitz Pradolux 25, Leitz Pradovit Color Auto Focus, Leitz TP201, Light Specialty Metalworks Interlight, LSM Interlight, Lumina Dentalez , Lumostar Ritter , Machlett 150, Metallograph Versamet Unitron, Mitutoyo, Mitutoyo 1515, Mitutoyo 3515F, Mitutoyo Optical Comparator, Mitutoyo PH3500 (Older Models) Profile Bulb, Mitutoyo PJ311 (Older Models), Morita Light, MR1 Unimet Unitron, MR2 Unimet Unitron, MR3 Unimet Unitron, Nikon, Nikon 12, Nikon 20A, Nikon 24B, Nikon 6C2, Nikon Comparator 6C-2, Nikon Comparator V16C, Nikon Comparator V16D, Nikon Comparator V16E, Nikon Comparator V20, Nikon Comparator V20A, Nikon Comparator V24B, Nikon V12, Nikon V12 Comparator, Nikon V16B Comparator, Nikon V16C, Nikon V16C Comparator, Nikon V16E Comparator, Nikon V20, Nikon V20A, Nikon V24B, Olympus, Operating Light Kay Cor , Operating Light Yoshida , PJ311 Mitutoyo (Older Models), Plan Meca Delight, Plan Meca Delite, Planmeca Delight, Planmeca Delite, Pradolux Leitz, Profile Illuminator HB400 Starrett Precision, Profile Illuminator HC400 Starrett Precision, Profile Illuminator HD400 Starrett Precision, Profile Illuminator HE400 (Earlier Models) & Sigma VF600 Starrett Precision, Ritter 130, Ritter D428, Ritter D44, Ritter Lumostar, Ruinito Eurodent , SDS 1350, Siemens A1-E1 Sirona, Siemens A1/E1 Sirona, Siemens A1E1 Sirona, Simplicity Dentalez , Sirona A1E1 Siemens, Solos/Birtcher ELS-1 GS9200, Starrett Precision HB400 Profile Illuminator, Starrett Precision HC400 Profile Illuminator, Starrett Precision HD400 Profile Illuminator, Starrett Precision HE400 (Earlier Models) & Sigma VF600 Profile Illuminator, Starrett Precision HF750 Surface Illuminator, Starrett Precision HV350, Summit Dental Systems 1350, Sunlight 70 (Original) Faro, Surface Illuminator HF750 Starrett Precision, System 400 AB Dick, System 410 AB Dick, System 420 AB Dick, System 430 AB Dick, Track Mount Light 1232 DCI, Ultima 2 Dentech , Ultima II Dentech , Unimet, Unimet MR1 Unitron, Unimet MR3 Unitron, Unitron, Unitron Versamet, V12 Nikon, V12 Nikon Comparator, V16B Nikon, V16C Nikon, V16E Nikon, V20 Nikon, V20A Nikon, V24B Nikon, Versamet Unitron, Yoshida Operating Light
Alternate Part #s:
02-50-010 Dentech, 0250010 Dentech, 037-717 Leitz, 037717 Leitz, 041-179-01 Adec, 04117901 Adec, 1000492 Ushio, 1019517 Schein, 10404 Eiko, 1403 BLV, 140310 BLV, 15777 Unitron, 16-020-00 Chapman-Huffman, 1602000 Chapman-Huffman, 34019 Starrett Precision, 37-717 Leitz, 37717 Leitz, 3801-797, 3801797, 4070 Efos, 4075 Efos, 501-109 Leitz, 501109 Leitz, 515-530 Mitutoyo, 515530 Mitutoyo, 54263 Osram, 58101 Olympus, 640 40700 Caulk, 64040700 Caulk, 64640 Osram, 64640HLX Osram, 70-17746 DCI, 7017746 DCI, 7158 Philips, 71826 Nikon, 79330 ALM, 799-892 Leitz, 799892 Leitz, 8696 DCI, 8696DCI, A1-216, A1.216, A1/216, A1216, B00935-001 Cardinal, B00935001 Cardinal, BW.FCS-PHIL, BW.FCSPHIL, BWFCS-PHIL, BWFCSPHIL, DCI 8696, DCI8696, FCSPHIL, GS9255 Solos/Birtcher, HL19 Starrett Precision, HLX64640 Osram, JC24V-150W, JC24V-150WUI, JC24V150W, JC24V150WUI, LMP600, LS-78, LS78, LT03020, MA786 Swift, P10104 Starrett Precision, QUA-115 Quala, QUA115 Quala, XL32551 Excel Technologies
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Product Details: BW.FCS-PHIL