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Product Details: BW.FCR-OSR

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Type: Lamp
Family: Halogen
Brand: Osram
Volts: 12
Watts: 100
Amps: 8.33
Base Type:GY6.35
Weight: 3 oz.
Description: Clear, 50 Hours, 2800 Lumens, 3200 Degrees K,C-8 Filament, 1 3/4" MOL, 30mm LCL, 4.2mm X 2.3mm Filament
Primary Industry:Medical, Microscope, Inspection
Secondary Industry:Other, Ophthalmic
For Equipment:
100W Halogen Illuminator (Older) Nikon, 100Z Leitz, 102Z Leitz, 2070H American Optical, 2070H AO, 2071H American Optical, 2071H AO, 500-037 PPIII Leitz, 500037 PPIII Leitz, A-LSH-3 Olympus, ACM Stand U in Lamp House 100 Zeiss, ACM Stand U in Lamp Housing 250 Zeiss, ALSH3 Olympus , American Optical 2070H, American Optical 2071H, American Optical H20, Apophot 100W Halogen Nikon, Axioplan (1986) in Lamp Housing 100 Zeiss, Axioplan Zeiss, B-LSH-3 Olympus, Baty Gagemaster, BH-RFL Olympus, BHM Olympus, BHRFL Olympus , Biophot Nikon, Biopromar Leitz, BLSH3 Olympus , Comparator Scope Leitz, Dialux 20 Leitz, DL2 Plaque Viewer Jena, DMLB Leica Transmitted Light (Some Models), Dust Projector Leitz, Epiphot Nikon, Fluophot Base Nikon, Gagemaster, H14B Nikon, H20 American Optical, H20 AO, HB350 Profile Illuminator Starrett Precision, HE350 Profile Illuminator Starrett Precision, HE400 (Later Models) Profile Illuminator Starrett Precision, HMX Lamphouse 100 Halogen Nikon, ICM 405 Axiomat Zeiss, Inami Illuminator with Fiber Optic Piece, Jena DL2 Plaque Viewer, Jena/Narva DL2, Kavo Vicon Polar 2, Lamp House 100 Leitz, Lamp House 100Z Leitz, Lamp House 102Z Leitz, Leica DMLB Transmitted Light (Some Models), Leitz, Leitz 100Z, Leitz 102Z, Leitz 500-037 PPIII, Leitz 500037 PPIII, Leitz Biopromar, Leitz Comparator Scope, Leitz Dust Projector, Leitz Lamp House 100, Leitz Lamp House 100Z, Leitz Lamp House 102Z, Leitz Lubalux, Leitz Mettalloplan, Leitz Orthoplan, Leitz Projector Strassman, Leitz Trichinscope, Leitz UV Microbeam, Leitz Wild Universal Lamp M12, Leitz Wild Universal Lamp M20, Leitz Wild Universal Lamp M50, Leitz Wild Universal Lamp M501, Lietz Dialux 20, LKE 100 Watt Halogen Nikon, Metaphot EPI and DIA Nikon, Mettalloplan Leitz, Microphot FX (Older Model) Nikon, MS 100W Halogen Nikon, Multi-Purpose Microscope Illuminator Zeiss, Multipurpose Microscope Illuminator 100W Lamp House Zeiss, Multipurpose Microscope Illuminator 250W Lamp House Zeiss, Nikon, Nikon 100W Halogen Ill. (Older), Nikon Apophot 100W Halogen, Nikon Biophot, Nikon Comparator V16C, Nikon Comparator V16D, Nikon Comparator V16E, Nikon Comparator V24B, Nikon Epiphot, Nikon Fluophot Base, Nikon H14B Comparator, Nikon HMX Lamphouse 100 Halogen, Nikon LKE 100 Watt Halogen, Nikon M 100 Watt Halogen, Nikon Measurescope MM40 100W HMX2 Illuminator, Nikon Measurescope MM60 100W HMX2 Illuminator, Nikon Metaphot EPI and DIA, Nikon Microphot FX (Older Model), Nikon MS 100W Halogen, Nikon Optiphot II, Nikon STD, Olympus, Olympus A-LSH-3, Olympus ALSH3, Olympus B-LSH-3, Olympus BH-RFL, Olympus BHM, Olympus BHRFL, Olympus BLSH3, Olympus PME-LSM, Olympus PMELSM, Optiphot II Nikon, Orthoplan Leitz, Photomikroskop III IM 35 Zeiss, Plaque View Jena/Narva, PME-LSM Olympus, PMELSM Olympus , Profile Illuminator HB350 Starrett Precision, Profile Illuminator HE350 Starrett Precision, Profile Illuminator HE400 (Later Models) Starrett Precision, Projector Strassman Leitz, Reichert, Standard WL Universal Zeiss, Starrett Precision HB350 Profile Illuminator, Starrett Precision HE350 Profile Illuminator, Starrett Precision HE400 (Later Models) Profile Illuminator, STD Nikon, Swift Y5 Illuminator, Trichinscope Leitz, UEM Zeiss, UV Microbeam Leitz, Vickers, Vicon Polar 2 Kavo, Wild, Wild Universal Lamp M12 Leitz, Wild Universal Lamp M20 Leitz, Wild Universal Lamp M50 Leitz, Wild Universal Lamp M501 Leitz, Y5 Illuminator Swift, Zeiss Multipurpose Microscope Illuminator 250W Lamp House, Zeiss ACM Stand U in Lamp House 100, Zeiss ACM Stand U in Lamp Housing 250, Zeiss Axioplan, Zeiss Axioplan (1986) in Lamp Housing 100, Zeiss ICM 405 Axiomat, Zeiss Multipurpose Illuminator 100W Lamp House, Zeiss Photomikroskop III IM 35, Zeiss Standard WL Universal, Zeiss UEM
Alternate Part #s:
1000490 Ushio, 10403 Eiko, 1401 BLV, 140110 BLV, 193-049 Leitz, 193-049 Wild, 193049 Leitz, 193049 Wild, 2052 American Optical, 2052 AO, 261016, 32-05-45 Vickers, 320545 Vickers, 34026 Starrett Precision, 38-00-69 Zeiss, 3800-59-1660 Zeiss, 3800591660 Zeiss, 380069 Zeiss, 500-037 Leitz, 500-974 Leitz, 500037 Leitz, 500974 Leitz, 54248 Osram Sylvania, 55301 Jena/Narva, 64625 Osram, 682.92 Jena, 68292 Jena, 7023 Philips, 76513 Nikon, 8C401 Olympus, 9-86-00-15 Reichert, 905-8500 Kavo, 9058500 Kavo, 9860015 Reichert, BW.FCR-OSR, BW.FCROSR, BWFCR-OSR, BWFCROSR, FCROSR, JC12V-100W, JC12V100W, LH14 Starrett, LT03027, M32-05-45 Vickers, M320545 Vickers, MA782 Swift, P10099 Starrett Precision, XL36864 Excel Technologies
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Product Details: BW.FCR-OSR