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Product Details: BW.ESB

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Part#: BW.ESB
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Type: Miniature Lamp
Family: Halogen
Brand: Philips
Volts: 6
Watts: 20
Amps: 3.33
Base Type:G4
Weight: 5 oz.
Description: Clear, 100 Hours, 480 Lumens, 3100 Degrees K, C-6 Filament, 31mm MOL, 9mm Diameter, 19.5mm LCL, 2.3mm X .8mm Filament
Primary Industry:Medical, Microscope
Secondary Industry:
For Equipment:
Parlec TM3000 , 10 American Optical, 10 AO, 1000 Swift (Newer Model), 1031 American Optical, 1031 AO, 110 American Optical, 110 AO, 1100AMHS Vanguard Using 20W Bulb, 11075 Projector Reichert, 11083 Projector Reichert, 11148 American Optical, 11148 AO, 1130 American Optical, 1130 AO, 1200CM Vanguard Using 20W Bulb, 1240 Vanguard Using 20W Bulb, 1280 Vanguard Using 20W Bulb, 1290 Vanguard Using 20W Bulb, 1300 Vanguard Using 20W Bulb, 1820 American Optical, 1820 AO, 2 Vert Nikon, 20EB Dialux, 2305MC Westover, 3000 Accuscope, 3000 Cynmar, 3001 Accuscope, 3002 Accuscope, 3002-CB Accuscope, 3002CB Accuscope, 3004 Accuscope, 3015 Accuscope, 31-74-29 B&L, 317429 B&L, 3D Swift , 410 American Optical, 410 AO, 410 Reichert, 4D Swift , 5D Swift , 700 Cynmar, Abco 00 24 523, Accuscope, Accuscope 3000, Accuscope 3001, Accuscope 3002, Accuscope 3002-CB, Accuscope 3002CB, Accuscope 3004, Accuscope 3015, Alphaphot KT Nikon, Alphaphot KT2 Nikon, American Optical, American Optical 10, American Optical 1031, American Optical 110, American Optical 110 Microscope, American Optical 1130, American Optical 1820, American Optical 410, American Optical H10, American Optical H110, American Optical Microstar 10, AO, AO 10, AO 1031, AO 110, AO 110 Microscope, AO 1130, AO 1820, AO 410, AO H10, AO H110, AO Microstar 10, AO XCEL, Aus Jena Laboval 4, Axiovert 10/100, B&L, B&L Galen II, B-20 Wesco, B20 Wesco, BA200 Series Motic, Bausch & Lomb, BH2 Series Olympus, BHT Olympus, BHTU Olympus, BW.ESB, Cambridge, Carlsan, CH-30 Olympus, CH2/CH Series Olympus, CH20 Olympus, CH30 Olympus, Chinese Import, CHK Olympus, CHK2 Olympus, CHS Olympus, CK-2 Olympus, CK2 Olympus, CM240 Eagle, Coaxial Illuminator Olympus, CP2 Marco, CXL Wesco (Serial #08xxx & Higher), Cynmar, Cynmar 3000, Cynmar 700, Dialux, Dialux 20 Leitz, Dialux 20EB, Eagle, Eagle CM240, ESB.FHE, ESB/FHE, Examet Unitron, FHE, FHE.ESB, FHE/ESB, Fisher Scientific, G3800 Unico, H10 American Optical, H10 AO, H110 American Optical, Heine, Heine Fiber Optic Mini Projector, HLX 64250, ID 03, Invertoskop ID03, Invertoskop ID03 MT, Jena Laboval 4, Kowa X-Ray Viewing, LAB3 Unitron, Labomed LX400, Labophot Nikon, Labophot-1 Nikon, Laborlux 12 Leitz, Laborlux D Leica, Laboval 5 (Binocular) Seiler, Laboval 5 (Trinocular) Seiler, Laboval Jena, Leica, Leica 13112000, Leitz, Leitz Dialux 20, Leitz Labolux 12, Leitz Laborlux 12 HL ME, Leitz Laborlux 12 HLME, Leitz SM-LUX HL, Leitz Vario Orthomat, LX400 Labomed , M Epi Nikon, M1000D Scope Swift (Newer Model), M1001D Scope Swift (Newer Model), M1002D Swift, M1004D Swift, M1005D Swift, M3208 Swift, M3300 Swift, M3300D Swift, M4000D Swift, M4002D Swift , M420 Wild, M5 Swift (Before 2008), M8000D Swift, MA759 Swift, MA759Y Swift , Macro CP670 Projector Nikon, Marcel Aubert Microscope, Marco, Marco CP2, Mark V Labs ME-LUX, Mark V Labs Metallurgical Spotlight, Mark V Labs MXT, Mark V Labs MZ-75, MC2305 Westover, Measurescope MM11 (20 Epi) Nikon, Measurescope MM11 (20W Dia) Nikon, Measurescope MM11 20W EPI & DIA Nikon, Measurescope MM40 6V 20W EPI and DIA Nikon, Measurescope TM1 EPI Nikon, Measurescope TM1 Nikon, Measurescope TM2 EPI Nikon, Metallurgical Spotlight Mark V Labs, Metallurgical Spotlight Unitron, Microlux II (SP Flat Field) Seiler, Microlux Seiler, Microstar 10 American Optical, Microstar 10 AO, Mitutoyo Microscope, Motic BA200 Series, MR4 Series Unimet Inverted Metal, MS2 Biological Scope Unitron, Nikon, Nikon 2 Vert, Nikon Alphaphot KT, Nikon Alphaphot KT2, Nikon Coaxial Illuminator, Nikon E200, Nikon Labophot, Nikon Labophot-1, Nikon Labophot-Pol, Nikon M Epi, Nikon M EPI Illuminator Optiphot (Old 20W), Nikon Macro CP670 Projector, Nikon Measurescope MM11 (20W Dia), Nikon Measurescope MM11 (20W Epi), Nikon Measurescope MM11 20W EPI & DIA, Nikon Measurescope MM40 6V 20W EPI and DIA, Nikon Measurescope TM-2 EPI, Nikon Measurescope TM1, Nikon Measurescope TM1 EPI, Nikon Optiphot (Old 20W) , Nikon Optiphot 66 Dia, Nikon Optiphot 66 DIA Base, Nikon Optiphot Microscope (Old 20W), Nikon Remote NP-3, Nikon S-C6/D6 QH, Nikon SMZ 1 Vertical Illuminator, Nikon SMZ 10 Coaxial Illuminator, Nikon SMZ 10 DIA Base, Nikon SMZ 2 Vertical Illuminator, Nikon SMZ U Coaxial, Nikon SMZ U EPI Illuminator, Nikon SMZ1, Nikon SMZ10 Coaxial, Nikon SMZU Coaxial, Nikon SMZU Epi, Nikon TM2 Epi, Nikon TMS, Officelux 107, Olympus, Olympus BHT, Olympus BHTU, Olympus CHK, Olympus CHS, Olympus CK2, Olympus SS105, Olympus SZH-1LLB, Olympus SZH-1LLC, Olympus SZH-1LLK, Olympus SZHILLB, Olympus SZHILLC, Olympus SZHILLK, Olympus VM-ILA-2, Olympus VMZ500, Omano, Optiphot (Old 20W) Nikon, Optiphot 66 DIA Base Nikon, Optiphot 66 Dia Nikon, Parlec, Parlec TM1000, Parlec TM3000, Projector 11075 Reichert, Projector 11083 Reichert, Reichert 410, Reichert Projector 11075, Reichert Projector 11083, Remote NP-3 Nikon, Seiler Laboval 5 (Binocular), Seiler Laboval 5 (Trinocular), Seiler Microlux, Seiler Microlux II (SP Flat Field), Seiler V3000, Seiler Westlab, Seilerscope, Shin-Nippon SL40, SM-LUX HL Leitz, SM90HF Swift Stand (Top - Before 2008), SMZ 10 DIA Base Nikon, SMZ1 Nikon, SMZ10 Coaxial Illuminator Nikon, SMZ10 Dia Nikon, SMZU Coaxial Nikon, SMZU Epi Nikon, Solidex VL850, SS105 Olympus, Stemi 1000, Stemi 2000, Stemi 2000 C, Stemi 2000 C for KS ELISPOT, Stemi 2000 CS, Stemi SV 11, Stemi SV 6, Swift 1000 (Newer Model), Swift 3D, Swift 4D, Swift 5D, Swift M1000D Scope (Newer Model), Swift M1001D Scope (Newer Model), Swift M1002D, Swift M1004D, Swift M1005D, Swift M3208 , Swift M3300 , Swift M3300D, Swift M4000D, Swift M4002D, Swift M5 (Before 2008), Swift M8000D, Swift MA759, Swift MA759Y, Swift SM90HF Stand (Top - Before 2008), Swift Swiftmaster I, Swift Y3H, Swiftmaster I Swift, SZ Series Olympus, SZ11 Olympus, SZ30 Olympus, SZ40 Olympus, SZ60 Olympus, SZH Series Olympus, SZH-ILLB Olympus, SZH-ILLC Olympus, SZH-ILLK Olympus, SZHILLB Olympus , SZHILLC Olympus , SZHILLK Olympus , TM1000 Parlec , TM2 Epi Nikon, TM3000 Parlec, TMS Nikon, Unico, Unico G3800, Unico WF10X, Unimet Series MR4 Inverted Metal, Unitron, Unitron Examet Microscope, Unitron Metallurgical Spotlight, Unitron MS-2 Biological Scope, V3000 Seiler, Vanguard, Vanguard 1100AMHS Using 20W Bulb, Vanguard 1200CM Using 20W Bulb, Vanguard 1240 Using 20W Bulb, Vanguard 1280 Using 20W Bulb, Vanguard 1290 Using 20W Bulb, Vanguard 1300 Series Using 20W Bulb, Vario Orthomat Leitz, VL850 Solidex, VM Series Olympus, VM-ILA Transmitted Base Olympus, VM-ILA-2 Olympus, VMILA Transmitted Base Olympus, VMZ500 Olympus , Ward Microscope, Wesco, Wesco CXL (Serial #08xxx & Higher), Westlab Seiler, Westover 2305MC, Westover MC2305, WF10X Unico, Wild, Wild M420, Wild M7A, Wild M8, Wild ME, Y3H Swift, Zeiss
Alternate Part #s:
00-24-523 Abco, 0024523 Abco, 003328 Marcel Aubert, 020-435-025 Leitz, 020435025 Leitz, 021-00397 Cynmar, 02100392 Cynmar, 1000532 Ushio, 1000532 Ushio, 10330 Eiko, 11143 American Optical, 11143 AO, 11143 Reichert, 11148 AO, 1120 American Optical, 1120 AO, 1120 Reichert, 1200-20WHL Vanguard, 120020WHL Vanguard, 12563 AO, 1291UZ Cambridge, 1407 BLV, 140710 BLV, 15282 Unitron, 15828 Unitron, 2305MC Westover, 256784, 31-74-29 B&L, 317429 B&L, 3256 Accuscope, 3256 Unitron, 362-658 Wild, 362658 Wild, 3800-20-1740D Zeiss, 3800201740D Zeiss, 3801-20-1740D Zeiss, 3801-43-1350 Zeiss, 3801201740D Zeiss, 3801431350 Zeiss, 50-6001 Eagle, 500-245 Leitz, 500245 Leitz, 506001 Eagle, 54261 Osram Sylvania, 55131 Jena/Narva, 55913 Narva, 64250 HLX, 64250 Osram, 687.95 Jena/Narva, 68795 Jena/Narva, 7388 Philips, 778 Mini, 79099 Nikon, 88106 Nikon, 88500 Nikon, 89500 Nikon, 8C405 Olympus, 8S307 Olympus, 9462819 Fisher Scientific, 95-BR3256 Bristoline, 95BR3256 Bristoline, A9302 Omano, A9317 Omano, AO 1120, B-20 Wesco, B00861-001 Cardinal, B00861001 Cardinal, B20 Wesco, BR3256 Unitron, BW.ESB, BWESB, CH-30 Olympus, CH30 Olympus, CK-2 Olympus, CK2 Olympus, CL70059 Carley, ESB.FHE, ESB/FHE, ESBFHE, FHE, FHE.ESB, FHE/ESB, FHEESB, HLX 64250, HLX64250, JC6V-20W, JC6V-20W/G4 C-6, JC6V20W, JC6V20WG4C6, L17A26 Kowa, L2030 Burton, LT03011, M30, M420 Wild, MA780 Swift, MC2305 Westover, NAL-003328 Marcel Aubert, NAL003328 Marcel Aubert, S220064 Fisher Scientific, S962362 Seiler, XL40698 Excel Technologies, Y-96.14.103 Heine, Y9614103 Heine
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Product Details: BW.ESB