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Product Details: BW.EJA-USH

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Type: Lamp
Family: Halogen
Brand: Ushio
Volts: 21
Watts: 150
Amps: 7.14
Base Type:GX5.3
Weight: 5 oz.
Description: 40 Hours, 3350 Degrees K, CC-6 Filament, 1 3/4" MOL, 1.1" Working Distance
Primary Industry:Dental, Medical, Microscope
Secondary Industry:Other, Inspection
For Equipment:
103C Karl Storz, 103C Storz, 1177 Leica Illuminator, 150 Light Source Baxter V. Mueller, 2094 Wolfe, 31-30-50-01 B&L, 31-30-50-01 Bausch & Lomb, 31-30-50-02 B&L, 31-30-50-02 Bausch & Lomb, 31-30-50-03 B&L, 31-30-50-03 Bausch & Lomb, 31-30-50-04 B&L, 31-30-50-04 Bausch & Lomb, 31-30-50-05 B&L, 31-30-50-05 Bausch & Lomb, 4046 Wolfe, 425 Karl Storz, 425 Storz, 481C Karl Storz, 481C Storz, 481CU Storz, 483C Storz, 5-C115 Olympus, 5115 Wolfe, 5118 Wolfe, 5120 Wolfe, 5150 Wolfe, 8110 Fostec, 8350.1 Fostec, 8360.1 Fostec, 8375 Fostec, ACMI Circon FCB96, ACMI Circon Headlight, ACMI FCB96, ACMI Headlight, B & L 31-30-50-01, B Single Heliomat Vivadent, B&L 31-30-50-02, B&L 31-30-50-03, B&L 31-30-50-04, B&L 31-30-50-05, Bausch & Lomb 31-30-50-01, Bausch & Lomb 31-30-50-02, Bausch & Lomb 31-30-50-03, Bausch & Lomb 31-30-50-04, Bausch & Lomb 31-30-50-05, Baxter V. Mueller 150 Light Source, BHT Olympus, BHTU Olympus, Carry Cam 2020 Sony, Carrycam 2020 Sony, Circon ALU 1B, Circon ALU 2B, Circon FCB95, Circon FCB96, Circon Headlight, Coby, Coby Coby Lite, Coby Lite Coby, Comparison Macroscope Leitz, Cryomedic, Cryomedics Colposcope (Some Models Only), Cuda Products M-150, Cuda Products M150, Cuda Products MT-150, Cuda Products MT150, Daylight Quality Aspirators, Den-Mat Marathon, Den-Mat Visar 2, Den-Mat Visar II, Denmat Marathon, Denmat Visar 2, Denmat Visar II, Easy Cam Henry Schein (21 Volt Model), Easy Cam Schein (21 Volt Model), Expanded Optic Explorer Camera, Explorer Camera Expanded Optic, FCB96 ACMI, FCB96 ACMI Circon, FCB96 Circon, Fiber Optic Daylight Quality Aspirators, Fiber Optic Illuminator FOL1B Titan, Fiber Optic Illuminator Olympus, Fiber Optic Light Source Leitz, Fiber Optic Power Supply Unitron, FOL1B Fiber Optic Illuminator Titan, Fostec 8110, Fostec 8350.1, Fostec 8360.1, Fostec 8375, Headlight ACMI, Headlight ACMI Circon, Headlight Circon, Heliomat B Single Vivadent, Henry Schein Easy Cam (21 Volt Model), Hoppl Colposcope, Ivoclar/Vivadent Heliomat Single, Karl Storz, Karl Storz 103C, Karl Storz 425, Karl Storz 481C, Leica, Leitz, Leitz Comparison Macroscope, Leitz Fiber Optic Light Source, Lester A Dine Oral Dine, Lester A Dine Oral Scan, M-150 Cuda Products, M150 Cuda Products, Marathon Den-Mat, Marathon Denmat, Master View 14" Suburban Tool Surface Bulb, Masterview 14" Suburban Tool Surface Bulb, MK2 Fiber Optic (Current) Nikon, MK2 Illuminator Nikon, MT-150 Cuda Products, MT150 Cuda Products, MV14 Suburban Tool Surface Bulb, Nikon, Nikon MK2 Fiber Optic (Current), Nikon MK2 Illuminator, Olympus, Olympus 5-C115, Olympus BHT, Olympus BHTU, Oral Scan Lester A Dine, Orascoptic Research Headlight - Older Unit - Door On Front, Quality Aspirators Daylight, Quality Aspirators Fiber Optic Daylight, Rhinolaryngoscope RL-100, Rhinolaryngoscope RL100, Schein Easy Cam (21 Volt Model), Schott Fiber Optic 1150, Sci Can Dual Lux 3 Curing, Sci Can Dual Lux III Curing, Sony 20-20 Carry Cam, Sony 20/20 Carry Cam, Sony 2020 Carry Cam, Storz, Storz 103C, Storz 425, Storz 481C, Storz 481CU, Storz 483C, Suburban Tool, Suburban Tool Master View 14" Surface Bulb, Suburban Tool Masterview 14" Surface Bulb, Suburban Tool MV14 Surface Bulb, T-Q/FOI-1A Techniquip, Techniquip T-Q/FOI-1A, Titan Fiber Optic Illuminator FOL1B, Unitron, Unitron Fiber Optic Power Supply, Visar 2 Den-Mat, Visar 2 Denmat, Visar II Den-Mat, Visar II Denmat, Vivadent Heliomat B Single, WA 45250 LX-150, WA FX-100 Flexible Sigmoidoscope, WA FX100 Flexible Sigmoidoscope, WA Rhinolaryngoscope 65000, WA Rhinolaryngoscope 65001, WA RL-100, Welch Allyn, Welch Allyn 45250 LX-150, Welch Allyn FX-100 Flexible Sigmoidoscope, Welch Allyn FX100 Flexible Sigmoidoscope, Welch Allyn Rhinolaryngoscope 65000, Welch Allyn Rhinolaryngoscope 65001, Welch Allyn RL-100, Wolfe, Wolfe 2094, Wolfe 4046, Wolfe 5115, Wolfe 5118, Wolfe 5120, Wolfe 5150
Alternate Part #s:
04050 Welch Allyn, 1000297 Ushio, 1015604 Henry Schein, 103C Storz, 1174 Leica, 1175-06-4305 Cyromedics, 1175064305 Cyromedics, 1177 Leica, 14527 Philips, 16-340-00 Chapman-Huffman, 16034 Unitron, 1634000 Chapman-Huffman, 3018 Efos, 3931 Den-Mat, 44142-8 Philips, 441428 Philips, 54753 Osram Sylvania, 640 30180 Caulk, 64030180 Caulk, 7210 Vivadent, 76223 Nikon, 8110 Fostec, 8C404 Olympus, 902-063 Leitz, 902063 Leitz, 93414CBT, 93632, B01369-001 Cardinal, B01369001 Cardinal, BW.EJA-USH, BW.EJAUSH, BWEJA-USH, BWEJAUSH, EJAUSH, FCB96 Circon/A.C.M.I., LS-52, LS52, N650012 Wolfe, N650013 Wolfe, Q1250 Titan, QUA-185 Quala, QUA185 Quala, SYC0029 Cuda Products, WA04050 Welch Allyn, X404903AB Schott, XL36499 Excel Technologies, XL65180 Excel Technologies
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Product Details: BW.EJA-USH