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Product Details: BW.EFR

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Part#: BW.EFR
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Type: Lamp
Family: Halogen
Brand: Can Vary
Volts: 15
Watts: 150
Amps: 10
Base Type:GZ6.35
Weight: 3 oz.
Description: White Coating, 50 Hours, 3350 Degrees K, 1 3/4" MOL, 1 1/4" Working Distance
Primary Industry:Inspection, Microscope, Medical, Dental
Secondary Industry:Other
For Equipment:
102 Ceiling Seiler, 102 ENT Ceiling Seiler, 102 ENT Floor Seiler, 102 ENT Table Seiler, 102 ENT Wall Seiler, 102 Floor Seiler, 102 Table Seiler, 102 Wall Seiler, 107 Ceiling Seiler, 107 Floor Seiler, 107 Table Seiler, 107 Wall Seiler, 170F Table Seiler, 300/320/600 Topcon, 482 Karl Storz, 60/70 Topcon, 70/100 Topcon, 75/85 Topcon, 8000 Luxtec, ACO Illuminator Luxtec , ACO Series Luxtec, AGFA C66, Air Techniques Vista Cam, Algotech LH5000 Litema , ASL3CB2A26 Kowa, B&L, Bausch & Lomb, Bosworth Superlight, C66 AGFA, CLE-10 Olympus, CLE-F10 Olympus, CLH-2 Olympus, CLK-3 Olympus, CLK-4 Olympus, Coburn CS7 Layout Marker Blocker, Coburn Layout Marker Blocker CS7, Coe Laboratories COE-Lite, COE-Lite Coe Laboratories, Coelite Coe Laboratories, Colposcope 935/955/965 Seiler, CS7 Layout Marker Blocker Coburn, CV-60 Olympus, CV60 Olympus, DentaCam 100 Fuji Optical, DentaCam 11 Fuji Optical, DentaCam 2 Fuji Optical, DentaCam 5 Fuji Optical, DentaCam 50 Fuji Optical, Durr Dental Panasonic, Dynascope, Dynascope TS4, EC Translux Kulzer, EC-S Translux Kulzer, Fiber Optic Illuminators (Operation Microscopes) Zeiss, Fuji Optical DentaCam 100, Fuji Optical DentaCam 11, Fuji Optical DentaCam 2, Fuji Optical DentaCam 5, Fuji Optical DentaCam 50, Fuji Optical Vision Plus, H10 Heliomat Single Vivadent, Healthco VLC High Intensity, Heliomat H10 Single Vivadent, Heliomat Multi Vivadent, Heraeus Kulzer Translux II, Initiator Solid State Systems, Ivolclar/Vivadent Heliomat H10, Karl Storz, KL1500 Fiber Optic Zeiss, Kowa , Kowa ASL3CB2A26 , Kowa SL-2 Hand Held, Kulzer Translux 2, Kulzer Translux EC, Kulzer Translux EC-S, Kulzer Translux II, LH5000 Algotech Litema , Litema Algotech LH5000, Litema HL150 Pluraflex, Litema Pluraflex HL150, LM-150 Moritex, LM150 Moritex, Luxtec 8000, Luxtec ACO Illuminator, Luxtec ACO Series, M902 Floor Seiler, M903 Wall Seiler, M904 Ceiling Seiler, Marco, Marco OM2000, Moritex, Moritex LM-150, Moritex LM150, Multi Heliomat Vivadent, OCS Olympus, OCS-2 Olympus, OCS-500 Olympus, OCS2 Olympus, OCS500 Olympus, Olympus, Olympus 74B Sigmoidoscope, Olympus CLE-10, Olympus CLE-F10, Olympus CLH-2, Olympus CLK-3, Olympus CLK-4, Olympus Colposcope, Olympus CV-60, Olympus CV60, Olympus OCS, Olympus OCS-2, Olympus OCS2, Olympus OME, Olympus OSCII, Olympus OSCII, OM-5 Topcon, OM2000 Marco, OME Olympus, OMS75 Topcon, OR Zeiss, OSCII Olympus, P0750 Swiss Precision Instruments, Panasonic Durr Dental, Piling Weck, Pilling Weck Headlight, Pluraflex HL150 Litema, Reflector D Microscope Zeiss, Reflector D Zeiss, Revelation Seiler, Schott Fiber Optic KL1500, Seiler 102 Ceiling, Seiler 102 ENT Ceiling, Seiler 102 ENT Floor, Seiler 102 ENT Table, Seiler 102 ENT Wall, Seiler 102 Floor, Seiler 102 Table, Seiler 102 Wall, Seiler 107 Ceiling, Seiler 107 Floor, Seiler 107 Table, Seiler 107 Wall, Seiler 170F Table, Seiler Colposcope 935/955/965, Seiler M902 Floor, Seiler M903 Wall, Seiler M904 Ceiling, Seiler Revelation, Shin Nippon, Shin Nippon OP-2, Shin Nippon OP2, Shin-Nippon, Shin-Nippon OP-2, Shin-Nippon OP2, SL-2 Hand Held Kowa, Sold State Systems Initiator, Stemi 2000, Stemi 2000 C, Stemi 2000 C for KS ELISPOT, Stemi 2000 CS, Stemi DR 1040, Stemi DR 1063, Stemi DR 1663, Stemi DV4 SPOT, Stemi SV 11, Stemi SV 11 Apo, Stemi SV 6, SteREO Discover V8, SteREO Discovery V12, SteREO Lumar V12, Stereomicroscopes Axiotron in Fiber Light Source KL 1500, Storz, Storz Surgery Microscope, Superlight Bosworth, Swiss Precision Instruments P0750, Topcon, Topcon 300/320/600, Topcon 60/70, Topcon 70/100, Topcon 75/85, Topcon OM-5, Topcon OMS75, Topcon TC10606, Translux 2 Kulzer, Translux EC Kulzer, Translux EC-S Kulzer, Translux II Kulzer, TS4 Dynascope, Unitron, Vision Engineering, Vista Cam Air Techniques, Vivadent Heliomat H10 Single, Vivadent Heliomat Multi, VLC High Intensity Healthco, Volpi, Volpi Intralux 150, Wild, Zeiss Fiber Optic Illuminators (Operation Microscopes), Zeiss KL1500 Fiber Optic, Zeiss OR
Alternate Part #s:
10001.111 Volpi, 10001111 Volpi, 1000272 Ushio, 1428 BLV, 142815 BLV, 15961 Unitron, 16-330-00 Chapman-Huffman, 1633000 Chapman-Huffman, 2020 Marco, 2045 Kulzer, 23500.014, 23500.014 Volpi, 23500.015, 23500.016, 23500.016, 23500014 Volpi, 3014 Efos, 31-01-87 Zeiss, 31-01-98 Zeiss, 310187 Zeiss, 310198 Zeiss, 314906, 38-01-50 Zeiss, 3800-18-2550 Zeiss, 3800182550 Zeiss, 380150 Zeiss, 39-01-98 Zeiss, 390198 Zeiss, 40300-20700 Topcon, 4030020700 Topcon, 4070110 Coe Laboratories, 409444AB Schott, 409713 Philips, 41-70-53 Vickers, 41-70-53 Zeiss, 41107-50130 Topcon, 4110750130 Topcon, 4157053-0000-000 Zeiss, 41570530000000 Zeiss, 417053 Vickers, 417053 Zeiss, 482 Storz, 52119 Pilling Weck, 54210 Osram Sylvania, 58102 Olympus, 6220002-290 Solid State Systems, 6220002290 Solid State Systems, 640 30140 Caulk, 64030140 Caulk, 6423 Philips, 64634 Osram, 64634 Seiler, 7110 Vivadent, 77121 Air Techniques, 83-10000 Olympus, 8310000 Olympus, 8S401 Olympus, 92102 Bosworth, 997-053 Leitz, 997-053 Wild, 997053 Leitz, 997053 Wild, A1-232, A1.232, A1/232, A1232, ASL3CB2A26 Kowa, BW.EFR, BWEFR, CL70042 Carley, CLE-10 Olympus, CLE10 Olympus, CLK-3 Olympus, CLK3 Olympus, HCOB400711 Healthco, HLX64634 Osram, JCM15-150W, JCM15150W, JCR12V-150W, JCR12V-150WG1, JCR12V150W, JCR12V150WG1, KL1500, KL1500E, LS-48, LS48, LT05037, LT05042, M807 Karl Storz, M807 Storz, OM2020 Marco, OP-2 Shin-Nippon, OP2 Shin-Nippon, QUA-165 Quala, QUA165 Quala
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Product Details: BW.EFR