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Product Details: BW.EFN-OSR

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Type: Lamp
Family: Halogen
Brand: Osram
Volts: 12
Watts: 75
Amps: 6.25
Base Type:GZ6.35
Weight: 3 oz.
Description: Dichroic Reflector,White Coating, 50 Hours, 3350 Degrees K, CC-6 Filament, 1 3/4" MOL, 1 1/4" Working Distance
Primary Industry:Dental, Microscope, Medical, Graphic Arts
Secondary Industry:Inspection, Other
For Equipment:
2000 Cygnus Imaging, 2000 Signus Imaging, 2000 Sygnus Imaging, 608 Scaner DS America (Screen), 608C DS America (Screen), 757 DS America (Screen), 99 OPMI Zeiss, Cygnus Imaging 2000, Cygnus Imaging Stylus 240, Deltronic DVC120 Video Vision System (Uses EFN Bulb In Both Positions), Dentrix DDO DSAC4, Dentrix DSAC4 DDO, Dentrix X-Ray Unit, Dentsply Perspective Dental Imaging, Dentsply Retrospective Treatment, DS America (Screen) 608 Scanner, DS America (Screen) 608C , DS America (Screen) 757, DVC120 Video Vision System Deltronic (Uses EFN Bulb In Both Positions), E.Leitz Focomat V35 Enlarger, Focomat V35 Enlarger Leitz, Fotofil J & J, Fotofil J&J, Fotofil Johnson & Johnson, Intra & Extraoral Camera Spectraview, J & J Fotofil, J&J Fotofil, Johnson & Johnson Fotofil, Leitz Focomat V35 Enlarger, Leitz V35 Focomat Enlarger, Medtronics Viola, Mondo Video Inspection System, Operation Microscope 99 Power Arm Zeiss, OPMI 99 Zeiss, Perspective Dental Imaging Dentsply, Quick Cam DDS Video Dental Concepts, Retrospective Treatment Dentsply, Screen USA, Signus Imaging 2000, Signus Imaging Stylus 240, Sirocam Sirona, Sirona Sirocam, Spectraview Intra & Extraoral Camera, Stemi 2000, Stemi 2000 C, Stemi 2000 CS, Stemi SV 11, Stemi SV 6, Stereomicroscopes in Fiber Light Source KL 750, Stylus 240 Cygnus Imaging, Stylus 240 Signus Imaging, Stylus 240 Sygnus Imaging, Sygnus Imaging 2000, Sygnus Imaging Stylus 240, Trophy Intra Oral, Trophy Intraoral, V35 Focomat Enlarger Leitz, Video Dental Concepts Quick Cam DDS, Video Inspection System Mondo, View Engineering, Viola Medtronics, Vision Engineering, Zeiss, Zeiss 99 OPMI, Zeiss Operation Microscope 99 Power Arm, Zeiss OPMI 99
Alternate Part #s:
038-101.128.000 Leitz, 038101128000 Leitz, 04200 Welch Allyn, 1000270 Ushio, 142615 BLV, 16-436-00 Chapman-Huffman, 1643600 Chapman-Huffman, 3035 Efos, 3800-79-9030 Zeiss, 3800799030 Zeiss, 417080-9015 Zeiss, 4170809015 Zeiss, 46000-403 Deltronic, 46000403 Deltronic, 52210 Tungsram, 54126 Osram Sylvania, 640 30350 Caulk, 64030350 Caulk, 64615 Osram, 6853 Philips, 68530 FO Philips, 68530FO Philips, A1-230 Thorne, A1.230 Thorne, A1/230 Thorne, A1230 Thorne, BW.EFN-OSR, BW.EFNOSR, BWEFN-OSR, BWEFNOSR, EFNOSR, JCR12V-75W, JCR12V-75W15, JCR12V75W, JCR12V75W15, L6408 Gilway, LT05025, LT05028, P22531498/2 DS America (Screen), P225314982 DS America (Screen), QUA-220 Quala, QUA220 Quala
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Product Details: BW.EFN-OSR