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Product Details: BW.DDL-OSR

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Type: Lamp
Family: Halogen
Brand: Osram
Volts: 20
Watts: 150
Amps: 7.5
Base Type:GX5.3
Weight: 2 oz.
Description: Faceted Reflector, 500 Hours, 3150 Degrees K, CC-6 Filament, 1 3/4" MOL, 7/34" Working Distance
Primary Industry:Microscope, Medical
Secondary Industry:Other
For Equipment:
0006004 Halogen CoolSpot Burton, 3374 Accuscope Fiber Optic Illuminator, 3M Intralux Illuminator 5000, 3M Intralux Illuminator 78, 8130 Fostec, 8350.2 Fostec, 8360.2 Fostec, 8375.2 Fostec, 9000127 Baty Gagemaster, A3000 Dolan Jenner, A3200 Dolan Jenner, ABR2600 Bell & Howell , Accuscope Fiber Optic Illuminator 3374, AFGA Select Scan, Agfa Select Scan, Agfa Selectscan, Baty, Baty Gagemaster Vantage (Fostec), Bell & Howell, Bell & Howell ABR2600, Bilirubin Blanket Burton, Burton 0006004 Halogen CoolSpot, Burton Bilirubin Blanket, Dolan Jenner A3000, Dolan Jenner A3200, Endoscope 150W for Fiber Optic Illumination Endo Heine, Endoscope 150W for Fiber Optic Illumination Multi Heine, Endoscope 150W for Fiber Optic Illumination Uno Heine, External Stereo Illuminators Olympus, Fiber Optic Illumination Source Nikon, Fiberoptic Specialties LS86/110, Fiberoptic Specialties LS86110 , FL1600 Mircolite, Fostec 8130, Fostec 8350.2, Fostec 8360.2, Fostec 8375.2, Gagemaster, Heine Endoscope 150W for Fiber Optic Illumination Endo, Heine Endoscope 150W for Fiber Optic Illumination Multi, Heine Endoscope 150W for Fiber Optic Illumination Uno, Intralux Illuminator 5000 3M, Intralux Illuminator 78 3M, Leica LUX1000, LS86/110 Fiberoptic Specialties, LS86110 Fiberoptic Specialties, LUX1000 Leica, Microlite FL1600 JC400, Nikon, Nikon Fiber Optic Illumination Source, Olympus Fiberoptic Illuminator Highlight 3000, Select Scan AFGA, Select Scan Agfa, Selectscan Agfa, Specialty Optical Systems NCL-150, Standard with Illuminators Olympus, Venture (Fostec) Baty Gagemaster, Volpi, Volpi Intralux 5000-1, Volpi Intralux 6000-1
Alternate Part #s:
0001255 Medical Illumination, 0006004 Burton, 006004 Burton, 0134500 Burton, 1000173 Ushio, 1255 Medical Illumination, 14501 Philips, 23500.014 Volpi, 23500014 Volpi, 3378 Accuscope, 54660 Osram Sylvania, 6600-0262-200 Ohmeda Medical, 6600-0680-200 Ohmeda Medical, 66000262200 Ohmeda Medical, 66000680200 Ohmeda Medical, 78-8012-3601-5 3M, 78801236015 3M, 801-5914 Leica, 8015914 Leica, 8130 Fostec, 82931 Nikon, 9000-127 Baty Gagemaster, B01191-001 Cardinal, B01191001 Cardinal, BW.DDL-OSR, BW.DDLOSR, BWDDL-OSR, BWDDLOSR, DDLOSR, JCR20V-150W, JCR20V150W, LT05038, MH7-3035 Nikon, MH73035 Nikon, MS400/500 Canon, MS400500 Canon, VS010 Olympus, Y-96.11.103 Heine, Y9611103 Heine
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Product Details: BW.DDL-OSR