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Product Details: BW.64624

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Part#: BW.64624
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Type: Lamp
Family: Halogen
Brand: Osram
Volts: 12
Watts: 100
Amps: 8.33
Base Type:G5.3-4.8
Weight: 1 oz.
Description: White Coating, 25 Hours, 35.5mm MOL, 35mm Diameter, 26mm Working Distance
Primary Industry:Dental
Secondary Industry:
For Equipment:
Caulk LD Prismetics Lite, Ceri Light, Ceri Light Denmat, CL Translux Kulzer, Demetron Optilux 400 High Output, Demetron Optilux 401 High Output, Demetron Optilux 403 High Output, Den-Mat, Den-Mat Ceri Light, Denmat Ceri Light, Efos-Lite, Efoslite, Elcelux Schultz Dental, EU 001 Caulk Prismetics, Executor Pro Den Systems, Executor ProDen Systems, Focus Activator Getz, Focus Activator Teledyne Getz, Getz Focus Activator, Henry Schein, Henry Schein VCL-300, Henry Schein VCL300, Henry Schein VCL300, IDT Oral Vision Camera, Kinetic Instruments Sunspot, Kinetic Sunspot, Kulzer Translux CL, L.D. Caulk Prismetic EU 001, LD Caulk Prismetics Lite, LS30EQ, Mectron Pol Hall, Mission White Profile Curing Lite, Optilux 400 Demetron High Output, Optilux 401 Demetron High Output, Optilux 403 Demetron High Output, Oral Vision Camera IDT, Pol Hall Mectron, Prismetics Lite Caulk, Prismetics Lite LD Caulk, Pro Den Systems Executor, Proden Systems Executor, Profile Curing Lite Mission White, Profile VCS SS White, Schein, Schein VCL300, Schein VLC300, Schultz Dental Elcelux, SS White Profile VCS, Sunspot Kinetic, Teledyne Getz Focus Activator, Translux CL Kulzer, VCL-300 Schein, VCL300 Schein, VLC300 Schein
Alternate Part #s:
100-5657 Schein, 1005657 Schein, 1511 Kinetic, 17244 SS White, 20-055 Pro Den Systems, 20055 Pro Den Systems, 20140 Demetron, 2244 Kulzer, 3021 Efos, 3961 Den-Mat, 4501 Getz, 54125 Osram Sylvania, 640 30210 Caulk, 64030210 Caulk, 644358 Caulk, 644358 LD Caulk, BW.64624, BW64624, JCRM0100, JCRM12V-100W, JCRM12V100W, LS-30, LS-30-EQ, LS30, LS30EQ
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Product Details: BW.64624