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Product Details: BW.44740-20400

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Part#: BW.44740-20400
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Type: Miniature Lamp
Family: Incandescent
Brand: Can Vary
Volts: 6
Watts: 20
Amps: 3.33
Shape:T2 1/2
Base Type:Special, G4
Weight: 3 oz.
Description: Main Lamp, Clear, 100 Hours, 475 Lumens, C-6 Filament, 1.25" MOL, 11/32" Diameter
Notes: Formerly Part Number 40340-20700
Primary Industry:Ophthalmic
Secondary Industry:
For Equipment:
1E Slit Lamp Topcon, 2D Slit Lamp Topcon, 2D Topcon, 2E Slit Lamp Topcon, 2E Topcon, 3G Slit Lamp, 3G Slit Lamp Topcon, 3G Topcon, 4D Slit Lamp Topcon, 4E Slit Lamp Topcon, 7E Slit Lamp Topcon, 7E Topcon Slit Lamp Main Illuminator, Main Lamp, SL-1E Topcon, SL-2D Topcon, SL-2E Topcon, SL-3E Topcon Slit Lamp, SL-3G Topcon Slit Lamp, SL-7E Topcon Slit Lamp Main Illuminator, SL1E Topcon, SL2D Topcon, SL2E Topcon, SL3E Topcon Slit Lamp, SL3G Topcon Slit Lamp, SL7E Topcon Slit Lamp Main Illuminator, Slit Lamp, Slit Lamp 1E Topcon, Slit Lamp 2D Topcon, Slit Lamp 2E Topcon, Slit Lamp 4D Topcon, Slit Lamp 4E Topcon, Slit Lamp 7E Topcon, Slit Lamp SL2D Topcon, Slit Lamp Woodlyn, SMM3 Woodlyn, Topcon, Topcon SL2E, Topcon SL3E, Topcon SL3G, Topcon Slit Lamp 1E, Topcon Slit Lamp 2D, Topcon Slit Lamp 2E, Topcon Slit Lamp 3E, Topcon Slit Lamp 4E, Topcon Slit Lamp 7E, Woodlyn, Woodlyn Slit Lamp, Woodlyn SMM3
Alternate Part #s:
20400 Topcon, 20700 Topcon, 40340-20700 Topcon, 40340/20700 Topcon, 4034020700 Topcon, 41368 Eiko, 44740/20400 Topcon, 4474020400 Topcon, 45500 Topcon, 45500 Woodlyn, 45570 Topcon, 45570 Woodlyn, BW.44740-20400, BW.4474020400, BW44740-20400, BW4474020400, M-01005, M01005
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Product Details: BW.44740-20400